Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Word Count Wednesday

Well, my word count is down this week, but I'm SO happy about it.  You see, I'm coming to the end of my edits and soon this story will be ready for publication.  (There's another step of readers and one more pass through, but still, I'm CLOSE!)

I'm always sort of torn at this point in the process.  I've loved this story for so long and I'm excited to be *thisclose* to sharing it with the world.  But I'm also sad because it's almost over.  The creative process to tell Colby's story is coming to an end.  It's a little like having had a close friend visit you for several months and now they're leaving.  Sad.  But I'll console myself with the fact that Colby's story is AWESOME!

Do you ever feel that way when you finish a manuscript?  How did you do in your word count this week?


Charlie Moore said...

I like to finish a story. As with other things I complete it gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also means something new is just around the corner.

For this week I'm excited to say I wrote 1500 words approx. and have completed (first draft) the story of Sam Brown, Mormon pioneer and my GG grandfather. There are so many great stories of pioneers, but this one is family and special to me. Now I'll read through it and attempt to polish it, correct mistakes or so forth. Perhaps I'll find some people to read it and make further suggestions.

Yes, I am happy the story is complete. Now to celebrate with a bologna, tomato and lettuce sandwich.

Debra Erfert said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about losing a friend after you get through writing that story, but the good news is that you can go back and read it anytime you want. And best of all, you're sometimes surprised at how well it's written. I catch myself saying, "Did I write this? Wow! I'm goooood!" when I read something that I've had sitting in my computer for a year or so.

This week I've written 3946 words on my work in progress, getting ever closer to that final chapter. Actually, I was getting there too fast, and night before last, while I was washing dishes by hand, I came up with a great scene that helps me postpone that ending for the 3 chapters that I needed. So fun!

jodi said...

I can hardly wait to read it!