Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Review: The Cure (Unbounded)

Well, if any of you know me, you know I'm not a huge urban fantasy fan, but the back copy to this book intrigued me.  I like strong heroines and I like great action stories. This seemed right up my alley.

The Cure (Unbounded) by Teyla Branton opens with Erin Radkey watching a couple argue on a park bench.  She can sense that something is terribly wrong and she's proven right when they are attacked.  She's outnumbered by the Hunters, but that isn't what worries her.  It's the phone call that says their lab in Mexico has been attacked.  That can only mean one thing---the Emporium has found them.

Erin races against time to save her friends and those she loves, but the road has a lot of bumps, and she doesn't know if anyone she cares about with come away from this without scars they'll live with for the rest of their lives.

I loved the character of Erin.  Her voice was unique, but the things she struggles with are easily identifiable for everyone.  There's a great supporting cast, with Keene and Ritter, her two possible love interests, Ava, Erin's brothers, Chris and Jace, Chris's children, and even the dog.  The core group gives this story depth and color and the author does a great job in making them all relatable.  There's lots of great action, some romance, and an adventure that left me anxiously waiting for the next installment in this new series.  (Although first I have to go back and read the first one, The Change.  It's free today on Kindle, too, so score for me!)

Here's the back copy for The Cure:

Even When You CHANGE, Some Things Remain the Same . . .

Erin Radkey’s life has altered completely since her Change made her one of the Unbounded. Yet she has learned the hard way that some things never change.

Greed. Over the centuries the long-lived Unbounded have divided into two groups, the Emporium who craves money and power and will do anything to achieve its ends, including experimenting on its own people, and the Renegades who protect humanity.

Power. Now the Renegades are close to discovering a cure that will save many dying mortals, and the husband of Erin’s closest friend is first in line to receive the formula. But Emporium agents will stop at nothing to destroy the cure—until they realize the research might be exactly the weapon they’ve been searching for.

Love. Erin’s new abilities are tested as she and fellow Renegades fight the Emporium in a struggle that soon becomes all too personal, and where lines of loyalty are blurred by relationships of the past. Everything is at risk, including the lives of her friends—and the love of Ritter Langton, the Renegade Unbounded who both infuriates and excites her.

From the busy streets of Portland to the jungles of Mexico, The Cure is a page-turning urban fantasy that will keep you riveted until the end.

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