Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Castle Review---Eric Vaughn vs. Rick Castle

Well, I'm not really sure how I feel about last night's Castle.  I know this wasn't the original episode that was supposed to air, because the one that was had to do with a bomb, so they showed this one instead in deference to what happened in Boston.  Maybe if it had been the original episode I wouldn't have felt so conflicted?  I don't know.  It's not that it was bad, it was a good episode overall, but there were some things that bothered me.

At the beginning when Castle is gaming with some kid and more or less ignoring Beckett, I was like, really? After all he went through to get her, the ups and downs and horrible heartaches and almost losing her, he's ignoring her?  For a game?  Maybe that's realistic, but I didn't think so.

Then, when we are introduced to Eric Vaughn, the genius billionaire and both Beckett and Castle are giving him those looks (I'd never heard of your last supper list---twelve people you'd like to eat with, but it's a cool idea) I could see where this episode was headed.

I generally hate it when they portray Castle as a bumbling idiot.  He started out as a smooth lovable guy and that's what I loved about his character.  But every now and then they throw in these episodes where he's just falling all over himself like an idiot and it's not really him.  And there were moments like that in this episode.  Ordering the boys around, (as an aside, what was up with Esposito's hair last night?  Just wow.) the coffee with the homeless guy.  Maybe they're going for funny and I'm just not getting it, but it doesn't seem true to his character.

What I did love was the honesty we got from Beckett.  She called him out on trusting her, and when Vaughn asked her what was between her and Castle she said it was serious, but that she didn't really know where it was going because they hadn't discussed it.  I had to admit when Vaughn kissed her I shook my head.  I knew Castle would find out and I was hoping it wouldn't be an obstacle between them, especially with how Castle had been acting.  When they're taking the statement and Beckett is completely honest with Castle about what happened, I was so glad  It feels like the relationship is truly growing and I loved that.  (I did have to sigh a little with how Castle bounded into that hotel suite after the shooting to make sure she was okay.)

The murder mystery was good, but I called the murderer early on.  This episode was definitely about the relationship.  I thought the elevator scene was interesting because Castle was self-assured at first and I thought the writers had redeemed themselves from the bumbling Castle of earlier in the episode, but then they ruined it by having him look at Vaughn as the door closes.  Vaughn seems so manly and in control and Castle just seems so boyish.  But it wasn't always like that.  Castle used to be that guy in the elevator.  In season one he was more self-assured and confident.  Now he's a cross between boy/man.  Especially in this episode.  What a contrast between him and Vaughn.  *sigh*

I did like the ending where Beckett is asking where this is going.  You know the season finale will have a lot to do with that.

So, there you have it.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Did you watch last night?  What did you think?


Debra Erfert said...

*Gasp* I was writing the closing scene of Relative Evil last night. I'm finished! It's done! 68,500 words of suspense and I'm loving it, but the last few chapters were the most exhausting--for me, and for the poor characters. I'll need to watch Castle on the computers. Thanks for the preview.

Kristine Nielson said...

Good for you Debra!

I watched castle instead of writing, so double good for you.

Yeah, I pretty much agree with you, Julie. Castle was annoying and insecure, and it didn't feel quite right. I wonder if Eric Vaughn is going to show up again later.

Jon Spell said...

My absolute favorite part was when Castle is raving at the boys and says something like, "I can't believe they're forcing her to hang out with this rich guy..." And Ryan says, "Yeah, unbelievable."

I had two problems with Vaughn. First, I didn't think he was that attractive. My wife says: Hon, billionaire. Also, you're a guy and aren't supposed to find him attractive. Second, while he did do humanitarian things, it felt like he mentioned them to make himself look better. Didn't seem sincere.

I didn't really see Castle as bumbling, but more acting crazy because he felt his relationship threatened. The opening scene? Yeah, that was aggravating. All of his snide comments to Beckett? Grating. I guess he has his insecurities, but he's really dumb sometimes.

Did Castle ever bring up marriage but have Kate shoot him down? We both thought that the subject had come up before.

(Finally, I love that the episode tease for next week had them using the word "Caskett")

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I don't know how you can resist Castle. You are a woman of steel.

Kristine, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so!

Jon, that was probably the funniest line of the night. And I don't think they've brought up marriage before. But I bet it's coming . . .