Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Review: Emergence

Emergence by C. Michelle Jeffries is a book about a futuristic hit man, Antony Danic.  He's good at his job, and is able to compartmentalize it when he goes home to his wife.  Elite is the woman of his heart and he would do anything for her, but she wants to be married in her church, or "bonded" and to have a child. Antony is an atheist who doesn't feel like he belongs in a church, especially with what he does for a living.  Elite also wants children and it's a battle within himself to make her happy and still be true to what he is and the emotion inside him about home and family.

A thread through the story is that Elite is crossing off an adventurous bucket list and while they are in Tahiti, (which is really hard to visit in the future, it took them five years to get visitors visas) Antony gets a death threat.  Suddenly everything he once thought to be true about his life and job fades away and he's desperately trying to figure out what he should do and where he should turn.  Who can he trust? The rest of the book is the journey Antony takes for redemption from his sins and the price is very high.  There's obviously a religious bent to it as Antony tries to find peace with what he is and what he's done.

I liked the depth of Antony's character and the way the issues surrounding his job were addressed.  There was a lot of action, which I love, and some great emotional scenes as well.  Sometimes the flashbacks drew me out of the story because there were a lot of them, and there were a few editing issues, but other than that, I enjoyed the story.  The ending is satisfying, but it's obvious this is a series and I'll be looking forward to reading more.

Here is the back copy:

Assassin Antony Danic has never killed an innocent man. At least, the corporation he works for has never given him a reason to think otherwise--until now. Reeling from a series of demanding assignments, Antony is desperate for some downtime. As he sits on a beach in Tahiti watching his wife play in the ocean, a messenger delivers a death threat. In a matter of seconds, the hunter has become the hunted. While Antony scrambles to find a way out of his "till death do us part" contract, he's faced with the decision of a lifetime: kill another innocent man, or do what's right--even if it puts his family in jeopardy


Debra Erfert said...

Well, Antony and Elite got to Tahiti a lot quicker than I ever will.

I agree, I don't do well with flashbacks. My brain doesn't work that way. And tearful endings are much preferred over cliffhangers, so thank you, Michelle.

Jon Spell said...

Is it ironic that a hit man gets a death threat, or is it just stupid? I mean, he kills people for a living - why send a death threat? Isn't that like warning him and then, maybe, painting a target on your forehead? (Gotta be up there with kidnapping Liam Neeson's daughter.)

Had a brother-in-law who went to Tahiti on his mission. He's one of the few good guys I've heard say that he hated his mission. He's a straight arrow and didn't get along with the fun-loving companions he had. /shrug

Debra Erfert said...

Haha! Kidnapping Liam Neeson's daughter. Good one!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Yeah, that's me, too, Debra. I really want to go to Hawaii. *sigh*

Jon, I never thought about that, but you're right. Who does that? You'll have to read the book I guess. ;)

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

Thanks for the awesome review!

I really struggled with the flashbacks. Whether to take them out or leave them in. I left them in feeling that it was better that way. I don't have as many in the next book. I don't think there are any in books 3 and 4. Interesting.

If I had a choice I'd go on vacation to Australia, Canberra, Adelaide, Broken Hill. And stop in New Zealand on the way home.

A hit man getting a death threat by another hit man just ups the tension. Julie is right, you'll just have to read the book.