Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Castle & Hawaii Five-O---Action vs. Romance. What Draws You?

No new Castle or Hawaii Five-O to talk about this week, but next week's episodes look dang good.  But I got to thinking last night, what is it that really draws me to these shows?

I started watching Castle because it was about a writer and it was sort of like living vicariously for me.  I would love to follow a police detective around for a while.  But then I really started to love the characters.  Nathan Fillion is adorable and plays being a writer so well.  I loved the sparks between him and Beckett from the very beginning and that she was a fan of his books, but didn't want to let him know (since he's got a bit of an ego.)  I've loved seeing their relationship evolve from sparks to something much deeper.  So, yes, the cases are fun and have led to great moments, but it's really about the relationships for me not only between the main characters, but the whole team.

Hawaii Five-O is sort of the same.  I was drawn to a Navy SEAL heading up a task force in Hawaii.  I've loved the cases that show things unique to Hawaii and yes, I love all the scenery they show every week (I love you Hawaii) not to mention all the beautiful people.  The explosions and car chases and gunfights are also pretty cool, but lately, I've loved seeing how Steve has interacted with Catherine.  There's just something about a romance being added to the action that draws me in deep.  It just brings another dimension to the table that I love and makes for must-see TV for me.

As I thought about all my favorite shows, I realized it's been that way for a long time.  Scarecrow and Mrs. King, lots of action with a side of romance.  Alias, TONS of spy action with a really great angsty romance.  Even 24 had lots of gritty action and some romance for poor Jack.  (RIP Renee).

Not surprisingly, that's how I write my books, too.  Lots of action with a side of romance.  The story that I'm almost finished with follows that pattern, as well, and so, for the most part, I'm producing books that I'd like to read.  Or writing books in the same genre as shows I like to watch on television.  Which is probably a good thing, since I'm doing something I love and that hopefully others love, too.

What about you?  Do you love romance more than action?  What genres are your favorites?  If you're a Castle or Hawaii Five-O fan, what draws you?


Debra Erfert said...

I knew I wanted to watch Castle when I first saw the coming attractions. Not only did I recognize Nation Fillian, but I loved the idea of a writer tagging along with a detective. I rode along with cops for several years, and I can write scenes from actual experience and not just make them up in my head. I've experienced high-speed pursuits, and barricaded suspects. I actually watched a bad guy punch a cop and then try to run away (he didn't get far). I've followed a cop into an abandoned building looking for suspects. The only thing I had missing was the bullet proof vest that read "writer" on it. I've had such fun!

I love writing the genre I'm writing at the moment. Right now I'm writing a Alfred Hitchcock type of suspense with a generous side of romance.

Jon Spell said...

The first episode we watched of Castle was the season finale of season 2, I think. There was too much of the story invested into the long story arc of Kate's mother. It was only later, after watching Firefly and developing an appreciate for NF that we gave it another shot, this time from the beginning. Much better.

I do dream of one day owning a bulletproof vest with WRITER on it.

Jon Spell said...

Oh, forgot to add: The Following is a new show this year, with Kevin Bacon. I don't know that I can easily recommend it - it's kind of a cross between Criminal Minds and 24. It doesn't have the breakneck pace of 24, but it does have all of the urgency and relentlessness. But, on the other hand, you do have some of the gore. (I think that aspect has diminished over time, but you just never know what will happen next.)

The actors do a fine job, particularly Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy (the bad guy) Very rich and messy complications.