Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Castle Review: Still

Last night was so awesome.

First of all, best line of the night has to be when Castle is bummed she didn't call him and Beckett says, you had a chapter due and Castle's response is, "That's writer-speak for all procrastinations welcome."  HAHA  So freaking true.  I love how they're dialed in to what real writers think and feel and say it on television.

I loved Castle and Beckett's little argument about who had feelings for each other first and the reminiscing was awesome.  I have to say I think the first season Beckett was more realistic looks and dress-wise than she is now.  She looks so model-like in the current season, but, you know, I don't mind that.  As for who had feelings first, I think it was Beckett.  She'd been his fan for years, said that his books got her through her mother's death.  I really hoped they'd address that last night and have her tell about waiting in line for him to sign one of her books.  Alas, they did not.  But it was still good.

They did some of my favorite Castle moments in the flashbacks, but I had almost forgotten how naughty Castle was in the beginning.  All the innuendo and fun-loving bad boy. He's grown up a bit, but it was still fun to see how far he's come in those flashback/montages.

I loved that Castle wouldn't leave her no matter the risk to himself and the tension ramping up when they found the timer.  Of course, I sort of thought they'd be searching for the story a little sooner, but you know, the last ten minutes works.

The end was cute with the captain, but there's just something that makes her come across as stiff and not part of the team.  She's getting better, though.

As for best kiss, I couldn't decide either.  I hope there's many more to come.  Overall, a great flashback episode with a good storyline for a foundation.

What do you think about flashback episodes?  Love or hate?


Jon Spell said...

I thought the flashbacks were done well. They were rapid-fire edited and powerful.

I agree with you on Beckett being attracted to him first, through his novels, but, overall, kind of a stupid thing to contest over.

Best kiss for me was the season finale last time.

I thought it was going to go differently with the captain, although the way they did it was probably better. (Seriously, all these detective shows where someone is hiding something. They're not just co-workers; they're co-workers with a knack for finding hidden things.)

Personally, I kept waiting for a Lethal Weapon reference, but I didn't see one. Hasn't H50 done TWO episodes with hero-on-bombs? Steve and Chin-bomb-on-him?

Chronology-wise, it really impacts the romance angle - last week's "where is this going", this week's confirmation of commitment, next week? "where are we going again?"

I wish I could write with this much passion on my WIP. =P

Debra Erfert said...

Considering the show has a fleet of writers working on each episode, they should be able to dial into how real writers think and feel. That's why I love this show--have from the beginning. It speaks to me on a base level because it does let the, usually hidden, writer surface in practically every episode--through Castle.

I'm not much for flashbacks. It usually is a way to waste time, as if there isn't anything new for us to see. Or maybe they're receiving emails from fans who are unhappy about the progress of the romance, and they want to remind the viewer how far they've come.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, I liked the fake kiss they had when they were "undercover," myself. And you're right, it's a dumb thing to argue over. As for H50 I think it was Danny and Chin because Steve stayed with Danny and had him tell about his partner Grace who was killed on 9/11. Chin had the one around his neck. Chin has had a lot of horrible things happen to him come to think of it. Good luck with the passion thing. :)

Debra did you actually watch it? I'm shocked! :) Have you been able to catch up all the episodes?

Kristine Nielson said...

Sorry Julie, I'm with Debra here on the flashbacks. I assume they were included because they're stuck in a single room rest of the episode, but the flashbacks really threw me out of the story. In some ways they felt like a victory lap of sorts, reminding us viewers of some favorite moments from the run of the show.

I did enjoy the dizzying array of Beckett's haircuts. I'd forgotten her hair was red (or reddish anyway) in the beginning.