Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Writer Goal Wednesday

photo credit: plnaugle via photopin cc 

My goal last week was to write the first chapter of The Captain and I did that and more! The first two chapters just poured out of me. Hopefully the entire book will be that easy! 

It does help that I have a sprinting partner. We take an hour each week and just sprint. It's so motivating and it helps me draft. Getting it down is the main thing, right? The polishing and editing will come later. I'm excited for this story!

I also edited a novella for an author friend and as soon as her story comes out, I'll let you know. It was really good!

I am counting this as a very productive writing/editing week. I've started the new year off with a bang.

So, this week's goal will be:
  • Write a chapter of The Captain
  • Update my Press Kit
  • Decide on whether to do a blog tour/launch party for The Captive 
What about you? How are your New Year's Resolutions holding up? Any new goals you're working on?

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