Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No Castle, But There's Awards And More Reviews!

We still have another month to go before we have a new Castle. *sigh* Luckily the two other shows I watch this week are coming back. But until then, my Tuesdays are a little sadder with no Castle to review.

However, in order to offset my sadness, I have some good news!  The Captive, my newest novel and first book in my Griffin Force series, was nominated for a Whitney Award! Yay! I'll find out whether it's a finalist or not in February.

AND . . .

I saw two more reviews of my new novel, The Captive, and I want to tell you about them!

GG Vandagriff had a wonderful review on her blog, and this was my favorite part: "The plot is Bellon’s special forte and her writing is excellent. The characters are multi-dimensional, the setting so real you can smell it, and the story full of surprises. I enjoyed the book very much and can’t wait for Griffin Force #2." You can read her whole review here

And Julia Lance at Book Reviewing Rocks had this to say: "This book stays true to Julie Bellon form! It is full of action, suspense, terrorists and even some romance. Julie has a way of taking the good out of a bad situation and making it enjoyable to read about!"

She had more to say about her son and SEALs, and you can go here to read her full review.

I'm always grateful to those who take time to review a book they've enjoyed. It makes all those writing hours worth it!

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