Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Castle And My Death (Or I'm Sick And Feel Like Death)

Well, I just got the news yesterday that Castle will not actually be coming back Feb. 1st, it's coming back Feb. 8th.


It's been a really long hiatus already. But the worst part is the head people were teasing a whole lot of stuff for it's return and none of it sounded that interesting to me. Do they even hear the fans, see the ratings, or know how terrible this season has been so far? Are they trying to get Castle cancelled? *deep sigh*

Why do new show-runners have to kill everything good about a show and make it a shell of what it used to be?

And just to compound that terrible news, I'm sick.  This is my life right now.

So, I think I am going to have a pity party. With ice cream. Because sickness and someone putting a whole bunch of terrible storylines on your favorite TV show deserves really good ice cream and lots of it.  Care to join me?

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