Thursday, January 7, 2016

If The Captive Were A Movie

Someone wrote and told me that when they read my newest novel, The Captive, they imagined this woman as Mya:

If any of you have seen my Pinterest board, you know that I was imagining this woman when I wrote Mya's character:

So, kind of close! They are both beautiful women for sure and really capture the look I was going for in Mya. It was the eyes that drew me, really, and the strength in the face. Love that!

And if I were to cast Commander Jake Williams, I would have chosen this man:

I don't know his name, but he was so close to how I imagined Jake. The only difference was Jake's eyes were blue.

Sometimes it's fun to refer to pictures when I'm writing to get the looks right for a character. Do you ever imagine certain actors or people as a character in a book? I do it all the time and not only for my own books!

(And if you want to see my Pinterest board for If My Books Were Movies I Would Cast you can see it here)

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