Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Review: My Fair Gentleman

I really enjoyed Nancy Campbell Allen's new regency romance, My Fair Gentleman. The Proper Romance line offerings put out by Shadow Mountain are quickly becoming my auto-buy books!

In this one we meet Jack Eliot, a first mate about to captain his own ship, who is called to his dying grandfather's bedside. The earl wants Jack to accept the earldom, but since he had disinherited Jack's father and left the family destitute, Jack has a lot of anger toward the man. He wants to tell him what he can do with the earldom, but must think of his mother and sister and their circumstances. He accepts his grandfather's terms for their sakes and must try to make a good impression on the ton so they will be accepted and have opportunities for a better life.

Ivy Carlisle's grandmother asks her to help the Eliot family ease their way into society. She is everything good and proper and accepts the challenge to help Jack learn societal rules and social mores so he can be accepted as the new earl.  Their first meetings and Jack's reactions are funny and I could totally envision them. Ivy is drawn to Jack, against her better judgment, but she can see that underneath his rough exterior is a man with a good heart. 

I loved the scenes between Jack and Ivy. I laughed at the witty dialogue and sighed as they started to realize their feelings for each other. There was a bit of intrigue as well when the new earl's life is endangered and they try to sort out who the culprit is. Jack was the consummate hero, a strong will, but with a soft spot for the women in his life. The reader can't help but love him and want him to have all the love he's been denied for so long. Ivy is just as relatable, trying to keep her world ordered and predictable. Bringing out more of her true self was definitely fun for Jack and for the reader to see.  I also enjoyed the secondary characters, especially the grandmother, Sophia, Pug, and Millie. They really added to the main story and I hope we see a future story or two featuring them!

I read My Fair Gentleman in one sitting and this is one that's definitely going on my keeper shelf!

You can buy your Kindle copy here for $10.69

Here's the back copy:

A regency twist on My Fair Lady!

Jack Eliot dreams of being the captain of his own ship. But then his grandfather, the Earl of Stansworth, names Jack as his heir — with a caveat. Jack must impress the aristocracy, or else his mother and sister will remain in poverty. Can a rough-and-tumble captain be transformed into a gentleman of society?

Ivy Carlisle is willing to try. Employed as his tutor, she begins teaching Jack the ways of high society, but she quickly discovers that this dashing sailor is brash and bold, opinionated and passionate. If she's not careful, Jack might end up teaching her a thing or two about romance.

Sparks fly when the sailor meets society, and Jack soon learns that his challenge isn't surviving the ton, but surviving the conspiracies against him — as well as keeping himself from falling madly in love with his new tutor.

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