Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Most Adorable Castle Episode EVER!

Oh my goodness.  Last night's Castle was full of EPIC adorableness!

The episode starts out with a heavily bleeding man who staggers up the aisle of a church and before he dies he hands over a swaddled baby to the priest.  Back at Castle's apartment Beckett and Castle are discussing Thanksgiving plans and he tells her that his family dresses for Thanksgiving as either Pilgrims or Indians. Oh man, the look on Beckett's face was funny. But then they get called to the crime scene.

Lainey is holding the baby when they get there, but Castle immediately takes him.  Beckett says Child Protective Services will be called and he's all, I'll take him while you do your thing here.  He's hungry, needs a few things.  Castle also assures Beckett he's highly qualified and has his RHD, so there's no problem.  What's an RHD you ask? Ruggedly Handsome Dad.  And he so totally is.  Nathan Fillion is absolutely ADORABLE with that baby.  He's holding the baby and heading out the door telling Beckett he'll take a patrolman to help him get all the stuff.  (And the look the patrolman gives Beckett is also hilarious.)

The team starts the investigation, trying to figure out where the baby came from.  He doesn't belong to the man who brought him in, since his wife says they've only been married two years and aren't ready for children.  They question his boss and get some information about a scary man that came into the dead guy's work a while back.  So they try to track him down.

Meanwhile, Castle comes back to the precinct with the baby and the patrolman following him has an armload of bags and baby paraphernalia.  Beckett gives him the raised eyebrow and Castle is all, what? You don't want little Cosmo going hungry, right? He named the baby Cosmo because that's what he wanted to name Alexis if she'd been a boy. Haha.  Oh man.  All I could think of was that guy on Seinfeld.  Anyway, Castle also dressed Cosmo in a turkey outfit and he's so proud of himself. It is heart-melting to see Nathan Fillion with this baby. He's such a natural!  The baby has some pretty expressive looks whenever Castle talks to him too, which just adds to the whole effect.  He does correct Beckett that it's not an "outfit" it's a onesie and Beckett is all, I suddenly have a picture of what my future is going to look like.  Oh man, I laughed. I have missed the banter between these two.

Ryan asks a couple of times to hold the baby for practice since his wife is due to deliver next month. (That seems fast to me! Didn't we just find out she was expecting?)  Anyway, the baby cries every time Ryan tries to hold him and Castle takes him back and he's calm.  So funny because then Castle tells everyone he's the baby whisperer.  And I believe him!

Back to the case, they find the scary guy and figure that the dead guy was a getaway driver for a bank robbery a long time ago, but that the scary guy wasn't the one who killed him. He has an alibi.  Lainey comes in to play with the baby and reports in a baby voice what she found under the dead guy's nails.  So funny.  When the Child Protective Services people finally come Castle is concerned about handing Cosmo over to strangers and Beckett is all, don't get attached.  She also mentions she's not really a baby person which is shocking to Castle. He asks her if she hates rainbows, too. Ha!  They end up taking the baby home since there's no beds at the Child Protective Services place and the baby is crying, crying, crying and then pukes on Castle. Oh I remember those days.  Caskett makes a good team in changing and quieting him, though, but go into the precinct the next day looking like zombies. (Alexis also shows up and looks at Martha holding the baby and a tired looking Caskett and is all how long have I been gone? I love normal Alexis again. I've missed her.)

While Alexis and Martha babysit, the team starts Dumpster diving near the abandoned building where they found the bullet holes and dirty diaper.  They find ping pong balls and assorted other evidence, but nothing is really adding up. I LOVED this case.  So twisty.  Castle figures out that they've rigged the lottery with the ping pong balls and then they head down to the TV station where the host that just announced the winning numbers is anxious to get away. She finally tells Beckett her husband and baby were kidnapped and won't be released unless she picks the case with the implanted balls and does exactly what she's told.  The team heads back to the dead guy's work where they find the kidnapped husband and reunite him with his family while arresting the dead guy's boss and the security guy for the TV station where the lottery was broadcast.  A happy ending for all and the parents are grateful the dead guy gave his life to save their son.  The baby is brought in by Alexis and Beckett promises Castle that it will be different when they have a child and he won't raise their child alone. Awww. So sweet!

The end scene is hilarious when Beckett walks in for Thanksgiving dinner dressed as Pocahontas. Castle tells her he was only kidding about the costume thing and she hands him a Pilgrim costume and tells him to get dressed.  Haha! Oh man, I love them.

I love everything about this episode.  The banter, baby, the case, they were all superb, but Nathan Fillion and that baby stole the show.  So so ADORABLE!

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Jon Spell said...

I agree with you that having Lainey use the talking-to-baby voice while describing certain unpleasant things was just hilarious.

I felt a little dumb, though, with all the emphasis on Ryan and his lottery tickets, and I didn't see the case going that direction.

Pocahontas Kate - verra nice, and I can't believe she fell for it. (Doesn't everybody?)