Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review of Castle "Ghosts"

That was probably the creepiest and most well done Castle episode of the season. Holy cow!

When we start off, it's on a creepy dock and the security guard scares off a homeless guy.  The fog is rolling in and he turns to see a woman standing a ways off. He tells her to move along, but as he approaches her he sees her feet are just off the ground and she's hung there.  Ew.

Cut to Castle and Beckett who are trying to decide where to go on a honeymoon, but he's been everywhere with other wives, except for Finland and Albania.  Poor Beckett.  Then the call comes that they've caught a murder.

They head to the scene and it's Lainey's doppelganger that's been murdered.  Lainey is shaken up about it, but she doggedly does her job.  They dig into the case and nothing is really making sense.  The victim is a former hooker, but recently was set up with a sugar daddy who bought her furs and an expensive apartment. The team tracks down her plastic surgeon, (played by Annie Wersching.  I miss 24!)  She is totally creepy on this episode, telling Beckett she's near perfect and Castle that he has potential.  Haha!

Ryan and Esposito track the suspect to a boat and when they board it, there is a guy standing there. Only when the flashlights go down to his feet they realize he's HANGING there.  Ryan goes around to face him and tells Esposito to go outside. Espo refuses and comes around to see that the guy hanging there is HIS doppelganger.  And the eyes were so creepy.  I had to turn away.

So someone has practically cloned Lainey and Esposito.  They take Lainey's statement and she realizes that an incident at a club may have been how they were able to clone her right down to her new tattoo.  They track down Espo's double and it all leads back to the plastic surgeon.  Beckett questions her, but nothing comes of it. Everyone seems to know she has something to do with it, but can't figure out what.  Until Castle starts putting some things together.

He thinks it's the 3XK killer.  Beckett isn't sure so they go to find his records which have all been removed. Every last one.  By Espo and Lainey clones.  And then they find out that the plastic surgeon was also the prison doctor when 3XK was there.  They also realize the security guard was in on it and when they go to the motel room where 3XK nearly killed Castle and escaped police custody, they catch him and we get a nice little Caskett moment of stay here and be careful.  I love the looks between them.  Sigh. But the questioning of the security guard gave me chills.  When he describes how their feet scraped on the ground as they slowly choked to death I seriously felt sick inside. Very well acted.

Anyway, they go back to the plastic surgeon's office, but it's cleared out except for a note that says better luck next time.  Castle and Beckett go home and discuss the case, and Castle is playing with the pen the surgeon offered to him at her office.  He realizes it has a thumb drive inside and he plugs it into his computer and a creepy song starts playing of I'll see you again.

Yikes.  The look on Beckett's face was pretty much how I felt about the episode.  So very creepy and so good.  Kudos to the writers on this one!


Jon Spell said...

That was by far the creepiest Castle I've seen in a while. The tattoo detail - not necessary to get the files, but really just there to freak Lainey out. Loved seeing Annie Wersching but she definitely added to the creep factor.

Those last few moments when the song came on - Kate's reaction. Whoa. We can't figure out why next week's episode doesn't seem to address it at all. =(

Debra Erfert said...

Sounds creepy!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Yeah, the tattoo thing was freaky. And yeah, I wondered about the next episode addressing that. I hoped the writers were on a roll. Sigh.

Debra, it WAS! You have to watch that one. :)