Friday, November 1, 2013

Review of the Hawaii Five-O Halloween Episode

We started off this episode with cute Max and his girlfriend Sabrina.  They have such a great vibe about them---so innocent and sweet.  They're at a beach screening Halloween party and sort of dancing awkwardly together, when a guy comes out of nowhere and starts attacking people, including Max.  Poor guy.  I think his little scene by the ambulance when he faints after thinking he was bitten by a "zombie" was one of my favorites.  And him with Sabrina in the hospital was adorable.  Awww. I hope we see more of them in the future.

The case was appropriately creepy---someone doing brain experiments on humans.  There were so many twists and turns.  Finding the spy cameras, the unexplained kidnappings, the brain cysts, to the homeless guy in the tunnel.  I was a teeny bit surprised that Danny was claustrophobic and very surprised that he would let Steve go into that situation without backup.  That was a creepy tunnel! Although Danny did save the day in the end by catching the guy as he ran out of said creepy tunnel and he redeemed himself by going into the tunnel in the doctor's house.  I was completely grossed out by the "beheading" part and the explanation of injecting parasites into people, so that went right along with the Halloween theme.  I liked the way the case went to the motives of a doctor trying to rehabilitate criminals with this "brain therapy" and how his theories had escalated to the experiments and failed.  I was surprised at Corbin Bernsen's role in bankrolling the doctor's experiments, and he played the desperate dad to perfection. Good to see him on my TV again. (Yeah, I watched L.A. Law once upon a time.)  The bloody scene at the end with the doctor's death was a little much for me, though, and I was glad they didn't really dwell on that.  A solid case this week, anyway.

Danny's yard being TP'd and his obsession with it was funny. "It's a gateway crime, first TPing then armed robbery." Haha!  Of course he got the "really?" look from Steve which made it that much more funny.  And the look on Danny's face when he realized who'd done it was awesome.  Poor Grace. Dared by her friends, but not wanting to be mean and do it to someone else, so she TPs Danny's house. The last line between them was hilarious. "Call me next time and I'll take you over to Uncle Steve's." Love it!  And Danny asked Steve the one question fans have asked for a while now, "Why don't we take your truck?"  "The car gets better gas mileage."  Uh huh.  Sure that's the reason, Steve.

Another part I really liked was the continuity with Catherine.  She's still suffering from the guilt over Billy's death and the kitchen scene with her and Steve felt raw and real.  He's been where she is, she has to forgive herself.  Her emotional answer of "I want to" was right on point.  She needs to find something else to focus on.  So, of course, she goes to trying to help Kono come home and find out who is laundering money for Sato.  She shows her research to Chin and then follows the lead with an awesome disguise and great undercover work. (And she got to dress up for the Halloween episode! Girl looked good, too!)  I love the angle they're taking Catherine.  I also love that she's not dependent on Steve, but a person/investigator in her own right.  The look on Steve's face when Chin told him where he'd gotten the lead was great and the ending scene of him bringing dinner, looking at her research, and asking her "what's the plan?" was perfect.  I'm looking forward to seeing where they'll take that story next.

And the previews for next week?  Three men and a baby.  That little baby girl was adorable! The guys' reaction should be must-see TV for sure.  Can't wait!


Debra Erfert said...

Is Catherine's emotion guilt? Or is she grieving because her feelings for Billy were deeper than she has admitted to Steve, and maybe even to herself? I saw the interactions she's had with Billy, and they were very, uh, warm. When Catherine was in the hospital and found out about Billy's death, she turned away from Steve and cried--she didn't fall into his arms and cry. Was that just a mistake in blocking by the director or the actress? Or is there some emotional transference from you, as a vested viewer, that you want to see Catherine more in love with Steve than she is? And now she needs to go through the stages of grieving a lost love before she can move on? Just askin'.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

You bring up a very good point, Debra. I did notice she turned away from Steve as well, but I personally think it's because of the guilt she feels over not having Billy's back as she states at the end of the episode. (And in the next frame of them together, she's in Steve's arms in the hospital bed.) :)

In the Halloween episode Catherine's going over the shooting in her mind and getting Billy to the hospital (and crying) and Steve tells her he's been where she is, second-guessing every decision in the situation. I clearly see guilt here for Catherine. Of course she was a former girlfriend of Billy's, so that's why you picked up on the "warmth" between them, but she also made it clear to Billy they were over, so I feel good about that. :)

You are a very astute viewer, you know. I love discussing things with you!