Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Review of Hawaii Five-O and an Announcement

So, I'm really excited to announce that I am launching my new novel, Pocket Full of Posies, in a joint online Facebook and Twitter launch, with spy novelist Jordan McCollum.  We'll be online Tuesday, November 12th, with tons of prizes including a Book Lover's basket and sets of our books.  Don't miss it!

Last night's Hawaii Five-O was adorable and a showcase of the many sides of Steve McGarrett.  We started off with Catherine getting ready to bait Sato's man by going undercover to a casino.  Steve isn't sure he's okay with it and is concerned about her getting compromised.  She assures him she'll be fine and he gives her a Five-O badge just in case.  Awww.  I love this "boyfriend" side of Steve.

We head into the casino with Catherine with James Bond type of music playing in the background. She gets Sato's man's attention and leads him downstairs where she has one of the most epic bathroom fights I've seen on television.  She was awesome and came away with the suspect, boxing him in the "blue room" for Sato's whereabouts.

Steve's case was also underway with an undercover ATF agent being killed and the team trying to uncover who had access to his information and possibly compromised him, or if the undercover agent was really dirty.  There were a few things I didn't like about the case, like the fact that Steve was walking a fine line with one of the gun runners, using force and threats to try to get information out of him when they weren't really sure who the players were yet.  Then, he talked with Danny about Matt being an agent while still on the gun runner's property.  Twice.  I was thinking, you know, you might not want to say that too loud since I'm sure this guy has guards and surveillance around.  And was ATF mad about that since Steve was wrecking their case they'd been working on for three years?  We'll never know, I guess.  But that was another side of Steve who does what he wants or what he thinks is best, no matter what.

But this time, Grover calls him on it.  Steve gets a location on the people who have been robbing the gun runners and instead of waiting for SWAT he goes in with just Chin---and they get pinned down because the suspects have a lot of guns.  Grover is completely annoyed with Steve and when the third suspect gets away tells McGarrett in a totally disgusted voice, "Exemplary work, McGarrett."  I love the tension between these two and am interested to see where they take it.  I also thought Grover brought up some great points to Chin when Chin is having breakfast and texting Leilani.  (I hope they go somewhere with those two.) Grover doesn't want to talk to McGarrett because he's not a cop and doesn't think like one.  But as I was thinking over what he said, I decided that that's what makes Five-O great---they have Kono, Danny, and Chin who were trained as cops and think like cops and then Steve who thinks outside the box, but still has the training and discipline of the U.S. military.  It's generally a good combination, in my opinion.

Anyway, the case was a bit weak and I called the culprit the first time we're introduced to her.  But the case really didn't matter because of how CUTE it was to see Steve, Danny, and Chin with Mary's baby.

Mary, Steve's sister, shows up on his doorstep with her newly adopted daughter.  Steve isn't exactly thrilled and says what we're all thinking, "Mary you can't manage your own life, how are you going to parent her?"  Mary calls him a buzzkill, but then, in the middle of Steve's homicide investigation, she gets hospitalized for salmonella and has to ask Steve to take care of baby Joan for her.  Steve says no, but relents when she calls him a bad uncle.

Steve takes the baby to work and Danny is cackling like an old woman at the sight of it, amused to see Steve on diaper duty.  Chin comes out to ask why Steve has a baby attached to his chest and then gets put on babysitting duty while Steve and Danny go out to investigate.  That baby is adorable and her facial expressions when she looked at the team were too cute.  I wish I could screencap because Steve holding her hand and playing with her was, again, adorable.  Danny gets put on babysitting duty later on and he tells the little girl this story of the handsome prince with a black stallion that he never gets to ride since the hairy greedy ogre won't let him because of his control issues.  Oh man, I laughed so hard at that story.

Daryl Hannah guest starred as the real estate agent who seemed drunk or on drugs, but it was a funny scene because Danny had the baby with him and kept talking to her about what was going on.  Steve meets them there, making sure the baby properly has her sun hat on and in general just being so concerned about his little niece's well-being.

When the case is over (after one more confrontation with Grover, and then Steve getting the transcriber and her boyfriend in the blue room) Mary comes to pick up the baby and you can see the guys are totally attached to her.  Steve reaches for her hand and they all wave as Mary takes her to storytime.  I'll say it again, it was so, so cute.

Then Catherine comes in with a location on Sato, surveillance package, movements on his servants, the whole nine yards.  Everyone seems impressed and when she tries to give back the Five-O badge Steve loaned her he tells her to keep it, that she needs a job and they need help.  Danny says Steve needs all the help he can get, Chin tells her not to think about it, just to say yes, and she does.  Steve tells her welcome to Five-O.

Love, love, love that Catherine is joining the team by proving her worth and doing it on her own.  I also love that she's helping Kono. I think those two could be great partners when Kono is back.

This episode had softie Steve, concerned and worried Steve, and kick-butt Steve.  With all the supporting cast of adorable Danny, some great Chin moments, and amazing Catherine scenes, it was another episode that was well-done overall in my opinion.  Can't wait to see the confrontation with Steve and Grover next week!

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