Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Castle Review: Rick and Alexis' Road Trip

This was a really interesting case with a ton of twists and turns.  I really enjoyed this one because while it was "Castle-centric" it also had the team.

Alexis is working with the Innocence Project (I thought she was a science major, though, so that surprised me a bit) and the guy that's on death row has his last appeal denied.  Alexis goes to her father to help her even though she's still mad and they go up to Pennsylvania to dissect the case.  (That was the only detriment to the whole show was how bratty and immature Alexis came across to me.  Thankfully it got a bit better by the end.)

Castle goes to meet with the death row inmate, Frank and Frank's fiancee Maggie.  Everyone at the table is looking at Castle like some sort of savior and it freaks him out.  He calls Beckett and I like how calming she is for him.  Alexis and Castle are looking at crime scene photos, running down leads of fingerprints on doorknobs and old boyfriends.  The team back in New York is running support by doing background checks, running trace evidence, interviewing suspects, and looking through bank records.  Castle is actually really good at seeing things that are overlooked, like the dolphin charm (a guy wore that? Really?) and charming the school lady out of telling who the chemistry book belonged to.  (Did you see Castle's face when she said to make it out to cash? Haha!)

The show did bring forward an issue I've been wondering about, however, and that is why Alexis isn't really including Kate.  Her father is about to marry Kate and yet when the family goes to see Alexis' new apartment, Kate wasn't there.  She didn't go to Kate for help with the death row case and one does wonder how she's feeling about the whole stepmother thing.  I like that Kate is thinking about it and talking it over with Lainey.

The case had some twists and turns, but I was proud of myself for calling the killer when we first saw him. A nice ending with the exoneration of Frank and his brother, and Frank and Maggie hugging.  Also nice with Alexis and Kate hugging and Castle looking on.  Definitely one of the better episodes of the seasons in my opinion.

Did you watch? What did you think?  


Debra Erfert said...

I spent the evening with my husband over at our church building putting clasps and locks on two nursery cabinets. It was a service project that needed to be done, and we were the doers. Maybe I'll get around to watching Castle tomorrow on the computer. Maybe. I have three whole days just to write, and I'm not sure I want to interrupt it with watching a TV show. We'll see.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I think you would like this one, but I understand about precious writing time, too!

Jon Spell said...

I kept wanting it to be Frank's girlfriend, and I was sure it was her once they found the dolphin charm. To be fair, though, he WAS obstructing justice the whole time by not mentioning you know who was there.

I thought it was a fun episode. Definitely needed more Kate. The end scene was nice.