Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Short Stories & Novellas--Like or Dislike?

I've been reading a lot of short stories and novellas lately, and I've also been kicking around a few ideas for my own novella with the Hostage Negotiation Team series.  The thing is, I can't decide if I really want to do it.

Some novellas I've really liked and felt they were fleshed out enough to make a good story.  Others I've felt a bit cheated with, like it wasn't really done somehow.  There seems to be a fine line between characters and story in a novella that authors have to look out for and some do it right, while others don't.  I can't decide if I really want to try or not.

So, tell me what you think.  Do you like novellas?  What draws you to them or makes you pass them by?


Debra Erfert said...
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Debra Erfert said...

I do like novellas simply for the fact that they are a fast read. I don't get too emotionally attached to the characters, though, so when it breaks off at the end at barely of the start of the romantic relationship, I'm not really invested that much that it "hurts" to stop reading. Does that makes sense? I mean, if there is another follow-up full-length novel that has those same characters, and I liked them, then there is a solid chance that I will buy that book and read it, especially if the novella was well written.

BUT! Using that same theory, if the novella isn't written interestingly enough, or intensely enough, or the plot is too shallow, then the chance of my picking up the companion book in zero. Can that be done in just 100 pages or less? Some have done it very well. Others that I have read have failed--miserably, IMO.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, that's why it's such a fine line. I don't know that you can really do justice to a suspense or a mystery in a novella because you can't really do subplots and that makes it hard for tension, if you know what I mean.

I think it's really great for romance, though, and maybe I just need to do a fun little romantic storyline with Colby and Sophia or Lucy and Bart or something, you know?

M. R. Buttars said...

I'm not a huge fan of novellas because of their short length. If it is written well, I get super invested in the characters and then am always disappointed when it ends really early. However, I do agree if a full novel with the same characters follow I will definitely read it.
Too often I've read novellas that weren't written well, and I just felt disappointed at the ending that resolved little. I do think romances work better with short stories than most other genres. Not very helpful, I know. Good luck!