Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Castle's Halloween Episode---A Hit and Miss For Me

Before we get to the review, I have to share the 4.5 star review *I* got for Pocket Full of Posies.  Cindy Whitney says she's getting addicted to the series.  To see what else she thought and read the entire review click here

Last night's Castle had some good moments and some not-so-good moments.

We start out with Castle and Martha going to Alexis and Pi's new apartment for dinner.  Castle still can't see what Alexis sees in this guy and doesn't keep his feelings hidden.  He's openly condescending to Pi and you can see the anger building in Alexis.

I was trying to decide what bothers me most about this storyline and I think it comes down to the fact that we have no background on Pi from Alexis's point of view.  Did she fall in love with his generosity in Costa Rica? Are they even really more than friends? What happened between them in Costa Rica because it's really out of character for her to do something like this, so I see Castle's point.  Pi just seems like a plot point for angst between Castle and Alexis.  And her anger toward Castle is a bit overdone.  When she whines that he didn't tell her about proposing to Beckett and she doesn't know if him and Beckett are right I was thinking what? You've watched him with Beckett for five years, encouraged him, pushed him, and everything else you could do for him and Beckett and now your dad doesn't like your plot point, maybe "boyfriend" and you don't know if him and Beckett are right?  That's your excuse?  Yeah. Who is this Alexis and where is the real one.  (Of course if there can't be Caskett angst the logical next angst for him would be Alexis, but at least make it believable.) I did like Martha in the scenario.  Her gushing over the apartment was cute.

Then on to the case.  I didn't really like the case either, but there were some good things. I'm not a big fan of occult and the opening scene was too much for me.  I liked Castle's hypothesizing and the way it was being set up as a Da Vinci code thing or maybe National Treasure.  And, on a shallow note, I also really liked Beckett's hair last night.  Gorgeous!  (Ryan's little aside of sometimes wishing Beckett was back in D.C. was funny, too.)  Beckett's classic skepticism was on point with Castle's possible motives but I have to say when Castle sticks his hand in the mouth to pull the lever to the hidden tunnel and screams, the look on her face was so funny.  I loved that scene in National Treasure, too.

I liked the twists and turns of the game that wasn't a game, and finding the treasure in the sarcophagus. Castle's face when he picks up the bag of treasure and all the doors close was almost as good as Beckett's with the hand thing.  But then we get the wrap-up to the case, and it didn't really jive.  Her cousin was questioned early on as her only family, but then says he needed the money for his sick mother. What?  So he wasn't really her only family since she had an aunt then? And her supposed only family would really kill her in such a gruesome manner for money for his sick mother?  That seemed out of place and a tad bit unbelievable for me.

So, some good moments, some not so great.  What did you think?

P.S. With Castle being so up and down for me, I've started watching The Blacklist.  Anyone else watching that?


Debra Erfert said...

My son and his wife record the Blacklist so they can go back and watch it when they have time. They're also fans of Castle and record that too. I'm losing my enthusiasm for that show.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

It kills me because I love the premise and have a soft spot for the show, but something is really missing this season. :(

Jon Spell said...

Agree wholeheartedly on the Pi thing. Not once have we heard why Alexis loves him, so he really just sticks out like a sore plot point (er, thumb.) I told my wife afterwards - I hope there's a big payoff for this arc. I have a friend who is sort of going through this similar situation, and I see how her family is reacting and so it hits close to home. Castle's reaction is very natural. Hers, not so much. (And I can't say that my friend is acting completely normal, either.)

I really enjoyed the case, but also thought the ending was untidy. If a single coin sold for 1.5 million, could this woman not have spared one or two from the stash to help her cuz out?

I loved, loved, loved the sword fight. (With the pseudo Princess Bride reference) "I'm really, really good at this." (vs. I am not left-handed.)

Personally, I rather enjoyed the story and the banter between Castle and Beckett.