Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hawaii Five-O Gets Lost

This week's episode starts out with a bang.  Literally.  A couple is killed in their pool and the last shot of the opening is their baby monitor coming to life with the cries of a baby upstairs.  That hurt my heart, knowing what had just happened to the parents.

But then we cut to Steve in bed, waking to find Catherine gone.  He pads out to the beach, where she's sitting in a chair, staring at the ocean with a thoughtful look on her face.  He knows exactly what's wrong, that she's nervous about her retirement from the Navy.  He tells her it's the start of a new adventure, being incredibly supportive.  Then they talk about Billy and she calls him on the fact that he's not really okay with her working for her ex-boyfriend and he says, "I trust you, okay  That's all I need."  It's a really sweet scene between them and made my McRoll heart go pitty pat.

Steve's phone rings and it's about the case they just caught.  The team is on the murder scene when Danny hears the baby crying and he pushes past the officer who is letting her cry, waiting for Family Services, and he picks her up.  The baby is an adorable little girl and Danny knows exactly how to comfort the poor little thing.  Great scene.

They head over to talk to Max we hear how McGarrett has asked him to help get a special gift for Catherine.  Danny asks if he has a personal shopper now and McGarrett and Max fist bump.  "We're BFFs."  So funny.  He gives his report and the team continues to try to figure out what was stolen from the house after the couple was murdered.  They find out the brother's security code was used so they question him.  He sold it to someone for $15,000, and is ruled out as a suspect.

The cargument this week was Danny telling Steve that it was a mistake to let Catherine take a job with her ex-boyfriend, that their old feelings will come back and they will have a "moment."  First of all, Steve is her boyfriend, not her jailer, and Catherine is free to take a job wherever she wants.  Second of all, I'm wondering what the writers are foreshadowing here since this is the second week that Danny has been putting doubts in Steve's mind about Catherine and Billy.  We shall see.

The murder mystery gets interesting when they find out that what was missing is an artifact from the Royal League.  Chin takes them over to meet an old friend of his from band camp.  I never watched Lost because I swore after Alias I would never watch another J.J. Abrams show, so I didn't have any clue who Jorge Garcia was, but I loved the character he played on last night's show (However, even I got the anvil reference to band camp feeling like they were on a deserted island all summer.  Ha!)  The character of Jerry was so funny and sincere.  He helps the scene track down coded letters and figure out that they're searching for the Medici rings in an old Hawaiian statue.  (I also loved the ship scene where Danny tells Jerry to stay away from Catherine because her boyfriend is an animal.  He is so protective of McRoll!)

We cut to Catherine packing up her stuff on the ship and Billy giving her a cake.  He wants her.  It's so obvious.  But guess what, Billy?  Steve has a present for Catherine that far outweighs a cake.  Yeah. Stupid Billy.  (And there was a really cute scene of Max telling Steve he got the gift, but that it costs $1300.  The look on Steve's face is priceless when Max takes it back and tells him when he has the money, he gets the gift.  You know Steve's going to pony up, but it was funny.)

The case was great, lots of twists and turns, as they find the thieves have made a duplicate of the statue and put it in place so no one will realize it's missing, but still don't have the Royal League artifact that will open the treasure.  It's on loan to the museum. The team heads over there and there's an awesome shootout, the key is recovered and they let Jerry open it.  The lost Medici rings are recovered.

The the ending scene is the one I've rewound a few times.  Danny goes to give the orphaned baby Grace's outgrown stuffed monkey and it is so sweet.  And Steve catches Catherine before her retirement ceremony and gives her his gift.  It's a Chicago record.  (Greatest hits?)  (And if it's worth $1300 maybe the record collection in my basement is worth something! Wow.)  But Steve remembered that she told him her mom used to play that album when she was scared as a little girl.  Then he says, "Catherine, you got nothing to be scared of, okay?  You're not going to do this alone."  Awwwww.  Love, love, love, that scene.   Then they ruin it by having her stand on the stage with her plaque smiling at Steve, Danny, Chin, Kamekona, aaaand Billy.  Sigh.  Steve notices and we end on his very thoughtful look as he watches them.

Great, great episode, lots of action and emotion.  This season is turning out to be their best one so far, in my opinion.


Debra Erfert said...

Well, I don't watch this show, so I shouldn't say this, but I don't like Billy, and I don't like Catherine going to work for her ex-boyfriend, and if she had a shred of respect for her current boyfriend, she wouldn't put herself in a position where old feelings can, and probably will surface. Therefore, I'm not too wild about Catherine. So there!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I don't like Billy either, but I do like Catherine. She didn't want to take the job, even though it was tailor-made for her, but her boyfriend Steve did encourage her to do so. It's giving great perspective and storyline to the couple I like, so I'll put up with Billy for now. There is some spec that he'll be killed off soon, so we'll see what happens. You should catch an episode one of these days. You might like it. :)

Rachel Williamson DeVaughn said...

they better not mess up the relationship with catherine...stupid billy!! i almost cried in the first couple of mins when the couple was killed and i heard the baby monitor... oh so sad!! great episode!!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Rachel, I am SO with you on the Catherine/Steve/Billy thing. LOL

And it was so sad when the baby monitor went off. Very emotional. Sniff.