Saturday, October 19, 2013

Review of Hawaii Five-O Wedding Crasher Ep

You know what I love most about this season so far?  It's how balanced it's been.  We've had some great Chin moments, more of Kono than I thought we would, and of course, classic Danny and Steve with a healthy dose of character development with those two.  It's been great and last night was no exception.

Kono is in Kowloon with Adam and they've gotten the drop on one of the guys hunting them.  I love how gray Adam's character is.  He wants to do the right thing, the legal thing, but he also knows how the underworld works. It isn't polite society and he reminds Kono of that during the questioning of the guy following them.  (His screams when Adam shot him in the thigh were really authentic!) I liked that Kono called Chin to let him know what was going on, but the best part was how Chin demanded he be taken off speaker phone so he could remind Adam that he promised to take care of Kono, so DO IT! Love protective Chin.

Chin also pretty much solved the case (and we got some great shots of him on his motorcycle!)  He was the one figuring out why the bride ran away, where she was, and who would have reason to blackmail her.  I admit, I thought the villain was the mom, Rebecca DeMornay's character, but was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.  However, the lawyer (who I actually thought was the dad for a while) didn't really have that strong of a reason to kill the bride's brother, so that was a bit on the weak side.  Other than that, though, a nice twisty case for sure.  Although I was thinking at the sweet ending scene for the bride and groom, wouldn't the mom be mad she missed the actual wedding?  And really, does anyone want to cross Rebecca DeMornay? (Girl is looking good, too!)

Danny and Steve are having a few carguments this episode about weddings and relationships and I didn't realize how against weddings Danny is.  Did his marriage to Rachel really make him that bitter?  I mean, he does bring up his two cousins that had weddings broken up by jealous exes, but Steve was right, Danny has some deep-seated issues.  (Also, Danny's sure been talking a lot to Steve about jealous exes. Anvil, perhaps, with the whole Billy situation?)  Danny doesn't seem too sure of his relationship with Gabby and after the double date movie scene I can see why.  The woman is shushing him, making condescending comments like, "Can you save the commentary for the DVD?" Yeah, take the curator job in Denver already, Gabby. Although Gabby did have a cute scene with Grace, that was her only redeeming quality.  Even the goodbye after Danny told her he really couldn't have her in and out of Grace's life, etc., at the end it just looked awkward and stilted.  I don't think I will miss Gabby at all, but I feel bad for Danny. At least he was sensitive enough to look at all sides of the issue before he let her go.  Poor Danny.  He did have a good line when he admitted that Hawaii was his home now.  And if he left, he'd miss Steve.  (Well, actually Steve said that and Danny just repeated it with a sigh.  As if he didn't want to admit it.  Those two crack me up, seriously.)

One of the funnier lines last night was when Danny and Steve pulled up to Five-O headquarters and Billy is there waiting.  Steve wonders what he's doing there since he's supposed to be on the job with Catherine, and Danny quips, "Maybe he's here to ask for her hand in marriage."  The look on Steve's face was really funny. They get out and chat a bit, with Billy thanking Steve for encouraging Catherine to take the job because he and Catherine, "make a good team." I thought Steve handled that whole situation with a lot of grace.  Stupid Billy.  (The code names Billy picked out for him and Catherine were indicative of his maturity level, too.  He gave himself, "Big Kahuna."  Really? Insecure there, buddy?  Catherine was Little Wing, which is okay, but yeah, not impressive on his part. Catherine had him at the end when she points out that he's sort of self-congratulatory.  On insignificant things. Again I say, stupid Billy.)

Steve goes in to the office to see Catherine in her black pantsuit and yeah, she did look good. (Can Michelle Borth look bad? I don't think so.  Wardrobe does really well with her, too.) Catherine comments on how the Saudi guy they're doing security for still looks at her like she's wearing a string bikini even in her pantsuit and Steve asks for his name so he can beat him up.  Cute! But then Catherine asks him for a favor, to use H50 resources for her background checks.  Steve says he's not comfortable with that, totally teasing her, and she reminds him of how many satellites she repositioned for him when she was with Navy Intel. Adorable scene between the two of them.

But the best scene of all was at the end, when Billy brings Catherine home (where's her car? Still in the shop from episode 1?) and she walks up to the house where Steve is waiting for her to make sure she got home safely.  They chat a bit about her first day, he gives her a kiss, then she goes inside to wash up, and he says he'll open a bottle of wine for them.  Steve turns and who is still in the driveway watching? Creeper Billy.  He leaves with a wave, and Steve has a little smile on his face as he waves back, but then still looks pensive.  I cannot wait to see where this whole thing is going, really.  So, so good.

But the one scene I've re-watched a few times was the previews for next week.  A hero will fall . . . and they show Catherine being shot and then her in the hospital bed with Steve at her bedside, head in his hands. Holy smokes.  How am I going to wait until next week?  So many scenarios are running through my head as to where that episode could go.  (I included the preview below, if you want to watch it yourself.)

This is hands down the best season of Hawaii Five-O and I don't say that lightly.  Balanced, good twisty cases, some great character development, and of course, the beautiful backdrop scenery.  How could you want more from a show?


Debra Erfert said...

Holy cow, Julie. Do you sit there and take notes? That is so comprehensive! I feel like I've seen it, except I don't know who got married. You'e awesome at reporting.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Debra, I think it's my new mission in life to get you to watch an episode of Hawaii Five-O. :)

Debra Erfert said...

Since I'm so disappointed in the direction of Castle, as of late, what time, day, channel is H5O on?

Debra Erfert said...

Umm, Mondays, right. Opposite Castle. Duh...

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

No, it's on Fridays at 8 p.m. now. (MST) So, yay! No more competing with Castle!

Melanie Valderrama said...

I finally got around to watching this. I thought the attorney was the husband, too, and was confused when she said she'd fire him, and then caught on to who he was.

The Billy storyline is odd but if it gets Steve to realize how much he needs Catherine, it will be worth it. This is a great season and I'm interested to see where it will all go (and what will happen to Catherine this week).