Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review of Castle's Futuristic Episode

I loved last night's Castle.  It was intense and had some really great whoa! moments.

We start off with a really gruesome murder of a woman and they have a suspect in custody who claims he's from the future.  He's pretty convincing, too, and when Castle leans over to Beckett and says this is his new favorite case I had to laugh.  It's going to be one of mine, too.

One of the funny "writer" moments of the show was when Lanie is going over the woman's body and says that there are crazies out there with too much imagination and Castle meets her stinkeye with, "I only kill people on paper.  A lot more lucrative, less prison."  Haha! You won't believe how many times I've been asked where I come up with the villains etc., in my books and I must have a dark imagination.  But that's all it is, I promise, an imagination!  Anyway, that little moment gave me a chuckle.

They get a sketch of the guy who ran from her apartment and start checking for suspects and find the "future" guy.  He is so convincing and yet a bit on the crazy side, too.  He tells them all about the future energy wars and the time travel and how the woman's death is the beginning of the end and billions of people will die. Castle's face during his whole spiel is hilarious.  He loves this guy! Beckett doesn't believe him and implores Castle to tell her she doesn't believe him either.  So funny.

Lanie rules out Future Guy as the killer and when the psychiatrist comes to evaluate him he is somehow missing from the holding cell.  Castle is seeing evidence that this guy really is from the future, but Beckett still isn't buying it.  The repartee between those two is as good as it's ever been.  Loved it.

They find another suspect, Garrett Ward, who is very scary.  Castle and Beckett track him to an abandoned power plant and before they can call for backup he's attacked Beckett and has her laid out on the floor and then he chokes Castle.  So intense!  Also, we are shown that Ward has killed the murdered woman's step-brother, attacking him when he answered the door, asking him where's the child before he snaps his neck. Ick.  This whole case is so twisty and awesome, I was on the edge of my seat.

Future Guy shows up and saves them and starts telling them a bit about their future.  They get married, have three kids and Beckett becomes a senator, Castle becomes a serious writer.  I don't know if I can really see that happening, though, but Castle thought it was awesome.

They find a letter at the abandoned power plant that leads them to a guy with the last name of Des Chile, so they know that this is the one Ward was looking for.  Caskett heads off to find him before the crazy killer gets to him, but he's at a planetarium.  Seeing the guy going row by row at the planetarium, with a gun in shadow was so dang creepy.  Of course Caskett save the day and he is saved.  Future Guy is happy because Des Chile is the one who invents the energy shield that protects billions of people in the energy wars, so everyone wins!  Castle sees he's forgotten his futuristic tracking device, but when he goes to give it to him, he's disappeared.  Makes you think!  Loved that.  So, to sum up, the woman was murdered and tortured so she would give up the address of her step-brother who had the letter from Des Chile and would possibly know how to find him.  There were some sort of plausible explanations as to why it wasn't really a future thing, that maybe Ward was mad because Des Chile reported him for having a bomb at a conference that the step-brother was talking at, but I liked the possibility of the futuristic time travel better myself.  Just for entertainment's sake.  :)

There was a B story about Alexis moving in with Pi and Castle not being okay with that, but she was all, it's my life, my future.  Poor Castle.  Hopefully Alexis comes to her senses sooner rather than later.

Great episode and next week is the Halloween ep.  Can't wait!


Debra Erfert said...

Hey, I love the new look!

I missed Castle. Until you gave a blow-by-blow. I might've liked it, but I think I would've liked H5-0 better.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

LOL Well, Castle is getting better, but I have to admit I am WAY more into Hawaii Five-O right now. I can't wait for Friday's episode!