Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hawaii Five-O Hits Another Home Run

The second episode of Hawaii Five-O was just as awesome as the first.  It definitely had something for everyone (and finally gave me the answer I'd been waiting for---Wo Fat is NOT Steve's half-brother! Whew!)

I love the Kono/Adam storyline, and how they are sticking together.  Kono is a woman of many talents--fishing, saving their lives, fixing the car, you name it, while Adam is all, hiding around the corner, sitting in the car, (looking dang good doing it though!) and saying, yeah, Kono, you need to go home because they're going to keep coming after us and then we'll both be dead.  I was thinking, if you send her home, you'll be dead a lot sooner, pal.  You need her a lot more than she needs you, so you better keep her around! They are cute together, though, and I do like their scenes.

Tim Daly was the guest star this week and he was a great Texas Ranger.  Loved his persona, the way he owned the swagger, and his little peanut butter stunt was hilarious.  He totally sold that rat story and the look on the guy's face when Tim starts slathering the peanut butter on his head was priceless.  I was afraid it would be cliche or stereotypical, but it was great.  The case was another dad looking for his kid, but the Ranger angle gave it a breath of fresh air and made it enjoyable.  I particularly liked all our boys going after the girl, the shootout at the drug house, the shipping container takedowns, (Danny's was especially funny).  It was all great action and what I've come to expect and love about Hawaii Five-O.

The new car also makes an appearance (and the new computer table for Chin, yay!) and poor Danny doesn't even get to drive it before Steve steals the keys.  I did feel bad for him, because that is an incredible car and if it was mine, I'd want to drive it first.  But the cargument was even better than the new car appearance because I had no idea that Danny was a McRoll fan.  His little speech to Steve about Billy the ex-boyfriend (really? A grown man going by Billy?) spending long hard hours with Steve's "beautiful, intelligent, sexy, attractive girlfriend," not being a good idea was great because it looked like Steve was actually thinking about what Danny was saying this time. But the best line for me was when Danny told Steve that Catherine was the best thing that ever happened to him. Awwww.

And that brings me to Billy Harrington.  Right off I was thinking, oh he might not be too bad, but no, he tried to wedge himself in between Catherine and Steve by implying that Catherine had confided in him about leaving the Navy.  "She didn't tell you?" Yeah, not cool.  I liked that Steve immediately asked her about it when he invited her to his office. She told him that her CO had mentioned to Billy she was leaving the Navy, it wasn't her, so all is well in the trust department.  And her answer as to why she wasn't taking the job with Billy?  "I'm happy right now.  I mean, things between us are good and I don't want to ruin that." Awwww. The little smile on Steve's face when she said that was so telling.  And his comment that he'd miss seeing her in her cammies was adorable.  (I also like that he is so gentlemanly around her.  He opens doors, he says excuse me when they're interrupted and he has to talk to someone else.  That's becoming a lost art these days.)

The ending scene was back to the baseball diamond for the championship game.  (They did show a bit of a game at the beginning where Steve and Danny were both ejected from the game, Ha!) Steve tells Catherine to take the job, they're good and nothing will change that.  She hugs him, they kiss, and Kamekona as the umpire calls a timeout so everyone can watch their PDA.  So sweet.  Then, Kamekona shakes his head and says, "Love." Everybody sees it and I love that.  :)  Grace finally hits a home run to end the episode with a victory smile right before she reaches the home plate. So cute!

I cannot wait to see the rest of this season because of the way they are truly mixing action with emotion and romance.  It is adding a third dimension to the characters that is totally drawing me in.  It's a tough balance, but so far these writers have hit a home run with the opening eps of the season.  Let's hope it continues.  


Debra Erfert said...

That sounds so much better than Castle. Now I'm sorry I got started on that one and not Hawaii 5-0

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

LOL I still love Castle, but I'm hoping they can get their sparkle back this season. Hawaii Five-O is just really stepping up this season and I'm enjoying it. :)