Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review of Castle Season 6 Premiere

There were so many things to love about this premiere.  Let's get started.

Of course we picked up right where we left off last season, with Castle and Beckett on the swings and then he gets down on one knee (awwww) and proposes.  Funniest reaction ever was Beckett, "you're proposing!"  and Castle's "You seem surprised by that."  Haha.  I loved how she said yes and he said he couldn't imagine his life without her.  Love, love, love.  They said they'd try to work it out with her new job in D.C.

Then we jump ahead two months.  A heart-stopping chase scene that ends in Beckett's shooting.  All part of her training, thankfully.  No more shooting Beckett for reals.  She's feeling bad about not realizing the hostage wasn't really a hostage, and we are introduced to her new partner, boss, etc.  Doesn't have the same feel as the 12th and I miss that camaraderie.  Meanwhile, back in New York, Castle comes home from his book tour to find Alexis has brought home a boyfriend named Pi (funniest line of the night was Pi to Castle: "that whole spelling thing stifles creativity."  Haha!)  Anyway, we then find out that Caskett haven't seen each other in six weeks and Beckett has to cancel their romantic weekend.

Oddly, Castle seems a bit concerned about the new boyfriend staying at his home, but he hops a plane to see Beckett.  Whatever, I guess. He can't resist getting involved in Beckett's case, even though it's classified and is against the law for him to even know about.  He gets her in trouble with her new partner and promises to back off.  Only the damage has been done and the bad guy has seen Castle with the Feds, so he kidnaps him.  (Second funniest line of the night, when the bad guy collapses while driving and Castle is shouting 10 and 2, TEN AND TWO!)  Haha, any parent who's ever taught a teen to drive has shared that sentiment.

The bad guy dies and Castle is questioned by Beckett's boss.  Of course, he gets Beckett into more trouble and goes home to New York. Pi is in his kitchen making papaya steaks because he's a fruitarian.  LOL Castle does go down to the station to talk to the guys and that was the second worst thing about the episode, is how little Ryan and Esposito we got (although Ryan swaddling the doll was funny) and no Lanie at all.  Esposito fills in the blank a bit when he gives an insight into Dreamland (mentioned by the bad guy before he died), that it's a secret military ghost base of some sort.  It sounded awesome for this writer anyway.

Castle googles Dreamland and then two federal agents come and take him away.  He gets taken to the same interrogation room he was in earlier and Beckett comes in looking pretty grim.  She pulls a chair over to him and tells him that the real thing stolen was a chemical agent and that's what the driver died of.  And Castle was exposed.  He's got enough of it in his bloodstream, that he's going to die in 24 hours.  End show.

WORST THING EVER!!!  You know how I hate cliffhangers and to have one on the season premiere was HORRIBLE.  We waited all summer and that's what we get?  No bueno.

So, to sum up, I liked all the action, the twists and turns of the case, Beckett being on point and proving herself without Castle.  I like where they're at with their relationship.

I didn't like the cliffhanger ending, new characters that weren't that relatable, feeling like Castle had nothing to do except get Beckett in trouble and try to see her, (it was definitely more of a Beckett-centric ep), I just miss their gelling together on a case, if you know what I mean, and barely any Ryan/Espo/No Lanie.  I wonder if they'll try to merge the two locations or some of the characters somehow?  How long are we in D.C.?

What did you think of the episode? Did it meet your expectations?


Debra Erfert said...

Okay, what I couldn't get over was how incredibly fast Beckett went from being a detective to being an FBI agent--on the street doing an investigation, all in a course of 2 flippin' months. Not a chance! My hus...uh, someone I know was an FBI agent, and their academy in Quantico is over 3 month long, and the teaching scenarios are done in the academy, not while on duty! Sorry if I sound like a stickler for details, but sometimes Hollywood takes too much liberty on things. Like Castle being a hypocrite about his daughter sleeping/living with a boyfriend when he sleeps/lives with Becket. What does he expect when he gives his daughter that example? And don't say he doesn't look down his nose at that boyfriend. He bothers Castle more than just the way he cooks the papaya steaks. Oh, you should've heard my hus...uh, someone I know moan at all the nonsense those supposed federal agents were doing and saying, and theorizing. Sheesh...

Kristine Nielson said...

You nailed it. I loved the way Beckett reacted to the proposal. The way Castle started his proposal did sound like a break up and I'm glad Beckett called him on it. That was hilarious.

I wasn't fond of the ending either. Why didn't Castle die when the other guy did? Why wasn't he feeling any effects of the compound? Too many plot holes.

Jon Spell said...

Castle didn't die when the other guy did, because the other guy had been breathing the fumes longer, maybe? We don't know when the car was poisoned - maybe the stuff takes a while to take effect. (Man, you want to talk plot holes, let's talk about the Burn Notice finale. Sheesh.)

Personally, my favorite comic moments were when Castle would say something like "they'll never find out" and then there's a knock at the door, followed by "ooh, they're good"

I liked seeing Cuddy as Beckett's partner and that boss-dude looks really familiar from somewhere. I want to like the other guy, but he laughs a little too much.

To me, Pi doesn't make that much sense for Alexis. He seems too much like a device, a foil for Castle. Like, the kind of boyfriend you bring home to bug your dad. I was concerned with the way they framed the shot of him in the kitchen that he wasn't wearing pants. (Don't ask where my mind goes.) And, uh, as long as Alexis lives in his house, I think he still gets to make the rules on whether she can have sleepover boyfriends or not, regardless of what he does. (Well, those were the rules I grew up with, not that they were tested.)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

But Debra, Beckett is an over-achiever! And boy, do the Feds have a lot more fun investigative toys than the NYPD. :)

Kristine, that did seem odd that he seems fine one second, then dead the next and Castle didn't seem to have any effects. Weird.

I was hoping the Pi attraction would get discussed a bit more, but I'm sure it's coming. I hope it's good. That premiere definitely could have been a two hour one. I wish they'd have done that instead of a to be continued. Someday, when I rule the TV world . . .