Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's This All About?

I attended the amazing LDStorymakers writer’s conference this past weekend, and the question I got asked over and over again was, “How do you write when you have eight kids?”

It is not surprising to me that there are so many moms out there who want to be writers, but don’t know if they can do it when they have children. It’s a tough balancing act, that’s for sure, and no one, not even me, does it perfectly.

But that’s what I’d like this blog to be about. I want to give you all the tips and tricks that I use to find time to develop my writing talent, as well as try to be the best mom I can be. Of course, there are a lot of facets to writing, and motherhood, and being LDS, so in order to keep it straight in my head, this is how I’d like to organize things.

Monday Musings. Monday posts will be about being a mom and things I do to make my day go a little smoother. I love organizing family home evenings and doing quick and easy dinners, I also am trying to organize my paper hoard, (in my defense the paper does seem to multiply on its own when my back is turned) and squeeze in “mom time,” as well as do prep for my Relief Society lessons, so I can let you know how that’s working out for me.

Tuesday TV and Books. This is where I'd love to talk about the two shows I watch, Castle and Dancing With the Stars, as well as tell you about any great books I'm reading.

Working Wednesday. By mid-week, I want to talk about how I’m doing with my writing work in progress. I think this will be some good accountability for me, and I always love to share what I’m working on.

Thinking Thursday. I’m thinking Thursday will be my writing tip day. I was an editor for seven years and have a lot of experience that could help the aspiring writer.

First Page Friday. At the writer’s conference, all the agents said they usually only read the first page or two of a manuscript. They know after the first page whether they will reject it or keep reading. I would LOVE for blog readers to submit the first page of their work in progress to me at (Put First Page Friday in the subject line, please) (I can also delete your name if you’d like it to be anonymous) and then I will critique it for you and give you ideas to make it stronger. Readers will also be able to comment, so you would need to be prepared for that.

Anyway, that’s what I’m envisioning for this blog. I hope you will take this journey with me and share me with your friends.

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