Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Show Me the Love

The Best Show on TV—Castle

First of all, did you see the promo for next week? Wow. Just wow. It looks like one of the most intense episodes since Knockdown. Although I am sad it’s the season finale of Castle next week. This season has flown by.

To see the Canadian promo, click here. It's a little different from the American one. Just another peek into what looks to be the most amazing ep of the year.

I’m glad it was a sort of fluffy Castle episode last night, leading up to the intense finale. I like the banter between our characters, and I can’t imagine the Captain retiring. The precinct wouldn’t be the same without him. So, I hope that it doesn’t stick this time, but we know next week is the start of some shake-ups. Just so long as no one gets dead-dead, I should be okay.

Best line of the night: The ME (Prometer?) Detective. (He greets Beckett with a smile. Then turns to Castle.) Writer. (sneer.) The way they played that was funny!

I also liked how Castle kept trying to think of titles if he were to write that case into a book. Death of a Beauty Queen, Deadly Action, haha

Best Scene: When Ashley and Castle were talking in the hall and Ashley says, “Have you ever loved someone who kept pushing you away?” then Beckett walked up behind Castle. Loved it!

Dancing with the Stars

Does is seem to anyone else that the judges have something against Chelsie? She danced the instant dance better than anyone else and they were still very critical of her. Sad. I think Chelsie is talented. My only critique is that sometimes Mark outdances her or makes himself the center of attention. I liked that he was the frame this week and really spotlighted her.

I love Kirstie and Maks. They have been the highlight of this season for me. They’re funny and honest and ridiculous. Maks is really himself with her I think, which is both good and bad. Kirstie isn’t the best dancer, but she is really going out there and doing her best. Her Argentine Tango was her best dance of the season. As for the instant dance, well, at least her shoe didn’t fall off and Maks didn’t fall down.

Ralph and Karina really bothered me this week with so much focus on the injury. I get it. I got it the first fifty times you talked about it. I think Ralph is a good dancer, but if he’s that injured then he should be the one to go home tonight.

Romeo and Chelsie did really well this week. I loved both of their dances and I like that Romeo is really coming into his own as a dancer. He’s definitely a lot better than his dad was. (Remember Master P? Haha)

Hines and Kim are (or should be) in the final two. Hines has such a great personality and does so great with his dances. I like that he’s humble and works hard. He’s definitely fun to watch.

My prediction for who will go home? I think it will be Romeo, but I hope it’s Ralph.


Melanie Jacobson said...

When the captain said he was retiring, I turned to my husband and said, "You know that means he's getting killed off, right?" I hope I'm wrong!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I thought that, too, but I don't WANT anyone to die. I love the cast just as it is. *sniff* Did you see any of the spoiler peeks? They are INTENSE! Can't wait for Monday.