Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Started

I'm so excited. And also a little nervous. I've been a part of the Six LDS Writers and a frog blog for five years and I've often thought about having my own blog as well, and here we are. It's sort of like moving away from home for the first time. Remember that? The tears at saying goodbye to mom, looking at her waving in the front yard as you drove away, then the smile as you walked into your own apartment for the first time, and the frown when you looked into the empty fridge. Did you ever wonder how many days you could live on Ramen noodles or counted out pennies at the grocery store till? (Not that I did that. Noooo.)

Anyway, this blog will be talking about things I've learned as a writer, a mom, and a few thoughts of a spiritual nature every now and then. I want to post writing tips, tell you about the new writing journey I'm on, and review some fiction that I'm reading. (Because everyone knows a good writer is also a good reader.) I hope you'll stop back often and leave a comment.

This is going to be fun.

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