Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Review of Kiss of the Spindle

When Nancy Campbell Allen released Beauty and the Clockwork Beast, I wasn't sure I would like it. I don't really read steampunk at all, but I love all of Nancy's books, so I picked it up and I loved it! So when I heard (she announced it at my book club!) that she had a new steampunk coming out called Kiss of the Spindle, I could hardly wait to read it!

This book is so good I literally put everything else in my life on hold and read it in one sitting. I could hardly put it down!  Dr. Isla Cooper is cursed and every night she falls into a deep sleep that is so perilously close to death it takes her a while each morning to recover from it. And she's searching for the witch who has cursed her to see how to break it. Unfortunately, time is running out and soon her condition will be permanent so she has to take drastic measures. In a snap decision, she blackmails her way onto Daniel Pickett's ship. He's not happy about taking her on, but even less happy when Nigel Crowe also insists he must go along. Nigel is a government agent who has had several confrontations with Isla and is determined to bring down anyone who tries to help shapeshifters. But not only Isla must be careful, Daniel has his own reasons for wanting to keep Nigel Crowe from getting too close to him.  Tensions are high as Daniel's group heads toward the witch's location, but as Daniel tries to keep things calm, his grudging admiration for Isla, turns to something more. But will time run out before they can act on the feelings between them?

The thing I liked best about this book was how easily it made you care about the characters and how flawlessly the setting, dialogue, and plot all intertwine into this wonderful adventure romance. Daniel and Isla are characters who are stubborn and honorable, strong and yet tender. I loved that Isla was such a strong female character and yet she was vulnerable as well. Their romance was sweet and swoon-worthy and the way they came to work together and trust each other was another layer to an already multi-faceted book. There were so many great twists to the story, which is why I couldn't put it down! I loved every part of this story and this one is definitely going on my keeper shelf!


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Here's the back copy:

Doctor Isla Cooper is cursed. Literally. Each night, at the stroke of midnight she falls into a death-like sleep from which she cannot be awakened for six hours. To make it worse, the curse has an expiration date--after a year, it becomes permanent. And the year is almost up.

In a desperate attempt to find Malette--the witch who cursed her--Isla blackmails her way onto Daniel Pickett's private airship bound for the Caribbean, only to discover she's traveling with three illegal shapeshifters and the despicable Nigel Crowe, a government official determined to hunt down and exterminate every shapeshifter in England. Isla and Daniel must work together to keep the identities of the shapeshifters hidden while coming to terms with their own hidden secrets, and their blossoming attraction to each other.

Filled with suspense, intrigue, and plenty of romance, Kiss of the Spindle is steampunk Sleeping Beauty story. It is a race against the clock as Isla and Daniel try to hunt down the elusive Malette before Isla's death-like sleep becomes permanent.

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