Monday, July 9, 2018

Book Review & Giveaway!

Pretty Much Perfect was my first book by Sally Johnson and there were a lot of things to like about it!

Camille is coming back from a job interview and picks up a half-dressed man on the side of the road and gives him a ride. I admit, that I didn't actually think this was very believable since Camille was alone in a pretty deserted part of the highway with not great cell service and in this day and age, that's a pretty big risk. But I put my disbelief aside and kept going because I liked Camille's quirky character and there were definitely some laugh out loud moments, so I was glad I did!

Liam is pretty mysterious, handsome and British. What's not to like? I loved the witty dialogue between him and Camille. He seems genuinely shocked by Camille and her values, her two-parent home with a mom who cooks and fusses over them and a dad who is protective and yet tender.  We get little glimpses of his past that really make you feel sorry for him and glad that he was able to survive and make something of himself. Liam was so swoony through the entire book, and even when his secrets are revealed, he still tries to show Camille his true self that is irrevocably changed because of her. I loved that and I loved that even though he'd been through a lot, he still had a good heart. 

Camille has a lot of good points about her. She's giving and service-oriented and loves her family. She recently returned from her LDS mission, but there are times I wondered if she really understood the principles of repentance and change from her mission with the way she acted in the book. She has a lot of trust issues that don't really jive with what we're told about her, but overall, I thought that Camille was a good mix of light and shadow and the author did a great job of creating characters that weren't all good or all bad. They were three-dimensional and easy for the audience to relate to---well, if they ever met a rock star that is. (There are a few I wouldn't mind meeting!) Liam and Camille are a couple that readers will root for. And the ending was definitely worth the read!

If you love rock star romance that has some surprising twists on the road to love, you'll definitely want to pick this one up.

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Camille Weston, a recently returned missionary, anticipates returning to college for her degree and perhaps to meet a nice guy. A sensible young woman with her future mapped out, Camille would never do something dangerous—like pick up a stranger on the side of the road. And yet, inexplicably, she does just that. This is one split-second decision that changes everything. Determined to lend assistance, Camille gets more than she bargains for when she is roped into helping Liam, a handsome British man, with more than just a ride. As they are thrown together over the coming days and their mutual attraction grows, they realize they just . . . click. That is, until she makes a shocking discovery: the mysterious stranger is William “Liam” Jones, lead singer of the popular band Gear. Camille has never been one to swoon over a celebrity, and she knows her and Liam’s lifestyles could never be compatible. But how can she convince her heart to listen to logic?

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