Monday, July 27, 2015

Operation Christmas Stockings

Today I was so privileged to be a small part of Operation Christmas Stockings. This is an organization that makes handmade Christmas stockings for our troops that are serving overseas.  Ten ladies made 1000 stockings! Then it was up to us to fill them with some fun and essential items for our troops.

Because my books generally have military characters in them, I've been privileged to talk to several people in the military during my research.  So many of them, especially those deployed during holidays and away from their loved ones, were so grateful for any remembrances from back home. They missed things like Skittles candy, and drink mix-ins to help their water taste better. Anything that would make things a little easier and let them know they're not forgotten.

You might ask yourself, why are they doing stockings in July? Well, with the needs and the time it takes to package and ship all the stockings, it all has to be done in the summer. But it gave me a chance to take time out of my celebrating the patriotic holidays with my family, and remember that there are those protecting my freedoms abroad who are sacrificing their time with their family.

So, yes, filling up a stocking is just a small thing on my part, but I know it will mean so much to a soldier far from home.

And I want to let them know, today and every day, they are never forgotten and always appreciated.

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