Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Freebie

From what I understand this novella will only be free today and tomorrow so pick up your copy quick! It's Hacked (The Secret to Secrets Book 1) by Stephanie Worlton.

Here's the back copy:

NSA data analyst Samantha Perry never imagined life as an introverted computer geek could get dangerous, but when she digs a little too deep into a greedy blackhat’s business, trouble comes right to her doorstep. Changing her identity and relocating nearly 2000 miles across the country are only the beginning of her problems. As she risks everything to try to close the case that turned her life upside down, she may end up putting a nail in her own casket. And if she doesn’t, Seth, her hot new neighbor, just might.

HACKED was originally published in the best selling Sweet and Sassy Anthology Hidden Identities Collection.

Click here to get your copy

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