Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Review: Pandora

I got an advanced copy of Jennifer Griffiths new book, Pandora (Goddesses and Geeks Book 1), and boy was it one wild ride!

We meet Blake who is a young congressman jaded by life in Washington.  All of the women seem shallow and selfish and he just needs a vacation.

So he heads to Bermuda, and while he's on vacation he takes a swim in the shallow pool himself and falls quickly into infatuation with a girl named Cressida and her looks. Blake doesn't need to know anything about her, can't even pronounce her entire name (granted, it's a long crazy name) but she looks good on his arm and he's smitten. As soon as she agrees to go out with him, though, Blake ends up in one crisis after another, including a lightning strike and a really funny zoo break just to name a couple.

His conspiracy theorist assistant figures out pretty quickly that all the crises have to do with his trip to Bermuda.  And then he narrows it even further to the beautiful goddess that Blake has fallen for. When the assistant hears Cressida's entire Greek name, he realizes that she is Pandora of Pandora's Box fame.  But Blake is having a hard time wrapping his brain around it.  Could it be true? And how could he ever have a relationship with Pandora---someone who is cursed?

This book is full of zany scenes that will make you laugh and shake your head.  There is some really great melding with Greek mythology and Blake is lovable even when he's clueless. He does have this heroic side that make you cheer for him even at his lowest point. I liked Cressida and how she handled the situation and the relationship. It makes you think about how hard it would be to be cursed!  It was definitely a fun romantic comedy for me.

This book is currently only available in paperback. You can see it here

Here's the back copy:

Blake Wells seems to have it made: the wealthy bachelor life, Kennedy-esque good looks, rising political star. The tabloids love him. But one barracuda date after another drains his hopes for finding a girl who’s sincere. So when his Chief of Staff insists he take a beach vacation, Blake doesn’t go expecting to meet Cressida, the perfect girl. Shazam! She’s seriously a goddess. And even though she protests that she’s bad luck, he’s a goner. But when a string of crazy (albeit hilarious) coincidences threatens sink his career, Blake must choose whether to save his campaign or save the love of his life. If he wants to get this goddess, he’ll have to break her curse. Pandora is the first book in the Goddesses & Geeks fantasy romance series from bestselling romantic comedy author Jennifer Griffith.

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