Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flash Sale on Medieval Romance!

I heard about this amazing deal on Joyce DiPastena's medieval romance, Loyalty's Web, and it's only .99 cents good through tomorrow morning so click here to get your copy now! (I've loved all of her books. The research is amazing and the characters and time period come to life. So worth it!)

Here's the back copy:

Heléne de Laurant has not forgotten how the Earl of Gunthar destroyed her father’s castle during Henry II’s war with his sons. Apparently neither have her family and friends, for when someone tries to murder Gunthar, every sign points in their direction. Heléne realizes the only way to prove her loved ones’ innocence is by exposing the true assassin.

As Heléne and Gunthar spar over the identity of the traitor, fierce determination gives way to mutual attraction. Heléne must race against time, and dark secrets of the past, to unmask the would-be killer before the kingdom plunges back into war and takes the life of the man she has unexpectedly learned to love.

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