Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hawaii Five-O Season Finale---My Thoughts

Well, it took me a little while to write this post because I had to gather my thoughts.  There was so much action, secrets, and emotion in this episode, it was hard to pinpoint one thing that summed up my feelings.

I loved the Kono/Adam investigating to clear her name.  I loved Steve and Danny coming to her rescue.  I loved how evil Michael was and I'm so sad about Fong.  I hope he makes it.  He deserves that, especially with how he's been there for Kono every time she's needed him.  The look he gave Adam as he took those gloves said so much.  *sigh*  And yes, despite that, I love Adam's character.  It's never black and white with him, he's so complex, and I love that.  He's easy on the eyes, too.  The ending scene at the dock was so poignant with Steve protesting, Chin saying let her go, and Kono leaving.  I will miss her and Adam.  Hopefully she's not gone too long.  (Although I have to say seeing Doris get on that boat was a highlight for me.  I hate her character and am SO GLAD she left.  *Julie's happy dance*)

Then we had the whole Wo Fat thing.  I love the energy in scenes with Steve and Wo Fat, but I really really don't want him to be Steve's half-brother.  And I hate that he's so disfigured.  Such a waste.  But the ending with the door being broken through and Steve's face saying who's coming was a bit of a let-down.  What's Steve going to do?  It's not like he has a weapon or any way out of there.  And why would he save Wo Fat?  He hates him.  I guess Wo Fat has answers about why Doris came to see him, but that hardly seems like much motivation for Steve to employ his super SEAL skills to save him.  I guess we'll find out in four months.

And, as you all know, I'm a big McRoll fan and while we didn't have a whole lot of them, we did have Catherine's old love show up, which could be very interesting in the fall if he pursues her.  Maybe Steve will have to man up and really make a commitment of some sort to Catherine instead of saying things like, "she's not my girlfriend," and "we have an understanding."  Jealous Steve might be fun to watch, too.

So, at the season's end we have Gabby and Danny hugging in his house, Chin calling up his prison riot fellow prisoner saying he's ready, Kono's with Adam, and Steve and Catherine are together.  For now.  Not a bad way to end the season if I do say so myself.

Did you see any great season finales lately?


Charlie Moore said...

Or maybe Wo Fat is really Steve's father?? You know how Asians never age. You probably haven't heard the last of Doris McGarrett.

I am waiting for WoFat (aka the Chairman) to invite Steve, Dano and Chin to be judges on Iron Chef America.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Sadly, Charlie, I bet you're right about Doris. *sigh* It was a happy bubble there for a minute.

If Wo Fat is Steve's father, that will seem a little too Star Wars for me. A horribly disfigured man that Steve hates suddenly says, "Steve I am your father." I would fall over laughing I think. And then crying because the writers will have ruined the storyline. :)