Thursday, May 23, 2013

Author Newsletters--What Do You Want To See?

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter to my mailing list talking about my new book, the conference I'm presenting at next month, what I'm working on, etc. etc.  It's supposed to be a quarterly newsletter, but lately it's been more like a bi-annual newsletter.

I know several authors who have newsletter that put them out monthly, but lately I've been wondering how effective newsletters are.  I love hearing from my readers and I know I could use my newsletter more effectively, but what do my readers want to see?

Do you ever read exclusive content that comes in a newsletter?  Like deleted scenes, stuff like that?

What is your motivation for reading newsletters?  Catching up with your favorite authors?  Hoping for free stuff?

Do you like writing tips in newsletters?  What kind of stuff do you like to see?

Chime in, because this author really wants to know.


Debra Erfert said...

Since you asked-a writing lesson would be great along with your news and updates. :)

Jon Spell said...

Your last one was the first I'd seen of the lecture series. (I may have missed it in the time-of-no-blogging)

Assume that people on your list are not blog followers.

I'd want to know about published works and works in progress. Author appearances and/or book signings (a chance to meet n greet) Maybe some industry news that might be interesting to your readers.

Not necessary, but I like it: anecdotes or personal trivia. Humor is good.

But definitely include a link to your blog and your works available for purchase online.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Thanks, Debra and Jon, I'll definitely include those in the future. Appreciate your suggestions!