Thursday, May 16, 2013

Castle Season Finale Review

Wow.  I'm just not even sure where to begin with this.  It was great and it was horrible all rolled into one.  Let's start off with the case.

They took a ripped from the headlines approach (there was a Canadian tourist found in a water tank not too long ago, ew) and had the blood shower which led to the body.  (Would it really be all bloody? Like Jon, that was my question.)  Anyway, Beckett rushes up and Castle asks her where she's been because he's been calling her and she looks all guilty and shifty and doesn't tell him she went to a job interview in D.C.  (And I can see why.  What a weird job interview.  Beckett seems all backward and I don't know why I'm here until the interviewer said, woman up already! I'm paraphrasing, but you know.)

So, she's keeping a secret from Castle, which doesn't bode well and plus, it sucks the life and fun out of the show when she's like this.  The murder mojo is flowing from Castle about why a Harvard computer scientist student would be pretending to be a hooker in a seedy New York hotel and some of his theories made me smile.  Beckett's incredible detective skills have her offering that maybe the girl "needed a change."  Um, really?  Harvard to hooker?  Yeah, not so much.

Esposito notices something going on and asks Ryan if he's noticed Beckett acting different and the discussion of pregnancy comes up.  That was actually one of the highlights of the show for me when Esposito hears Ryan's news.  Love them.  (Seriously, though, why is Esposito wearing a tie nowadays?  Weird.)

Castle finds the boarding pass in her jacket and asks her about it.  She gives him the lame excuse it was just an interview, but he's understandably hurt that she didn't even discuss it with him at all and it affects him.  They both go talk to their mommy and daddy and make some decisions.  (Great scenes with Martha.  And her dad.)

They meet at the swings where we began this season.  Castle has a mad look on his face and I'm thinking, this is it, they're breaking up.  Castle talks about wanting more, Beckett is agreeing, then instead of walking away, he gets down on one knee and proposes.

Um, what?

It was so unromantic and he looked kind of mad.  And it felt like he was only doing it because she might leave, yada yada, not because he necessarily had planned it or wanted to do it right then.  Blech.  So, there was a cliffhanger, but I was SO disappointed.  No matter what Beckett does she's going to look horrible, so the writers have written her into a corner.  I mean, if she accepts, and doesn't take that job, she's said straight out she'll always wonder.  And she'll resent Castle.  If she says no, she'll look even worse since she supposedly loves Castle.

I guess we'll have all summer to think about it.  *sigh*

Luckily, I have Hawaii Five-O to look forward to this week for their season finale.  The tag line is that the team of four will now be down to three.  Uh oh.  Can't wait.

What did you think of the Castle finale?  Share all your thoughts.

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Debra Erfert said...

What a horrible, stupid, *sinine position for the writers to put Beckett into for the season finale. I hate it! I want romance, not "gotta propose" in a love story. What morons do they have working for CBS? Did someone just get a divorce or something?