Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Castle and Hawaii Five-O Review: Drones, Carlos & Kidnappings Oh My!

What an emotional Hawaii Five-O that was last night.  I knew I would have nightmares as soon as the little girl was shown to have a chain around her ankle and the newly kidnapped girl was brought in.  Every parent's nightmare.  I loved that the older girl was keeping a journal, since I'm a big journal fan myself, although I have to say when I saw what happened to her my first thought was, I hope her parents get that journal somehow.

It was interesting watching Danny's reaction to the situation.  You could tell he was affected from the first moment they looked in that shallow grave.  When Steve had to pull him back from questioning the guy who looked like a poor man's Patrick Swayze I knew it was going to get intense for Danny.  I liked that they kept the Steve/Danny cargument brief this week.  It seemed more realistic and really what else was there for Danny to say?  He'd been in those parents' shoes and it was horrific for him.

I didn't know how I felt about Steve walking away while Danny beat that guy.  I think there are standards and rules we have to uphold in our society and having law enforcement beat an unarmed man for information doesn't sit right with me.  (I know, I know, he'd given up his badge, but it was only for that moment and then he put it right back on.) But, on the other hand, my daughter who was watching with me said, if I had been kidnapped and he knew where I was, would you care if they beat him in order to find me?  I'm sure if I were in that position I would do anything to get her back, but truthfully, I hope I never have to face that.  (As an aside, didn't Castle just do that same thing when Alexis was kidnapped?  Hmm . . .)

I had a feeling the Kono thing with Adam would be coming to a head and I was right.  Next week looks intense.

Best light moment of the ep was the tiny girl in the sumo suit challenging that big guy.  And everyone making fun of Steve's new haircut.  All I can say is I hope it grows back soon.

Castle started out with a bang.  I always like when Beckett is frozen out of a federal investigation because she breaks rules and goes after the case anyway.  Plus, this episode had Carlos Benard in it (I miss you 24) so that automatically made it a great episode.  (And wasn't he just on Hawaii Five-O?  Hmmmm...)

The idea of a drone strike and the government testing it over our skies is obviously a current event topic.  It definitely sparked some conversation within my family as we watched it.  The twists and turns of who really did it (the goverment? the partner?  terrorists?) was well done and I didn't predict the murderer this time.  I love the light banter with the boys and Caskett about rise of the machines and the little remote controlled tank and helicopter scene between Beckett and Castle was funny.

I loved the tense interrogation scenes and Stack's admiration of how Beckett uses the silence.  The scenes with Beckett and Carlos had some chem didn't you think?  Not a Caskett chem obviously, but there was some energy about them that I liked.  I also liked Castle's heroic show of trying to protect Beckett against the drone shooting at them.  I always wondered if he felt a bit helpless since she can obviously protect himself.  Such a cute scene between them.

But now Beckett has a secret which it looks like the season finale will be addressing.  I'm nervous as to how it will be handled, especially with the preview of them on the swings.  *sigh*  I wish it wasn't the season finale already.

What shows are you going to miss over the summer?


Debra Erfert said...

I tried to leave a comment twice earlier today from my brand new iPhone, but it wouldn't work--either time!!! Oh, well. I'm sitting in a strange bedroom getting ready for the LDStorymakers conference, but I wanted to say that I missed Castle last night, not because I forgot about it, necessarily, but because I'm lucky if I remember to breathe lately. I'll pull it up on my computer, like the others, and catch up. Thanks for the synopsis!

I don't think I could handle watching the H2O right now, especially after those three girls/women were rescued from being held captive for, like, ten years. totally nuts!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I know! Hey, I didn't know you were going to that conference. You'll have to take good notes for the rest of us. :)

Debra Erfert said...

I've printed the outlines for the classes I'm taking, and hopefully I can keep up the usual mad pace of the instructors. I'm taking Jordan's class, "All Dressed up with Nowhere to Grow: Character Arcs in Fiction", among others.

Jon Spell said...

Hey, Debra, I like to go to the mass book signing event (Friday?) Will you be there?

I enjoyed Castle quite a bit, although I had a couple of nitpicks. I'll buy Kate operating the tank from under the glasses, but not the helicopter. No way could she have maneuvered it towards him without seeing it. Also "we know that the contents of this drive were copied onto a 4G flash drive, just like the one you had on you." No, just no. There is no possible way to know the flash drive capacity something was copied onto. Heck, you'd have to have some special software on the original to even know that a copy had been made.

It was a nice touch that Castle was somewhat vindicated in his theory of self awareness of the drones.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, my nitpick was with Hawaii Five-O and the reason for the kidnapping. Since I'm not as technically knowledgeable as you, I didn't think of that nitpick for Castle, but good point!