Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't Tell Me I Haven't Watched It Yet!

I wasn't able to watch the Castle season finale yet, so don't tell me a thing.  *covers eyes and ears*

I'll watch it and give you my review on Thursday.

Do you love or hate season finales?


Jon Spell said...

It's pretty good. Stana Katic does an amazing job with Kate in this episode, conveying emotions and even just a few little shifty glances. Oh, and the interrogation scene! (fans self) Martha outdoes herself, too. Momma knows best.

Some non-spoilery questions:

Why is Esposito wearing a tie at the end of the episode? It doesn't seem like his usual attire.

How much blood would it take to come out of a shower like that? Ewww.

I correctly predicted the ending, too.

In general, I find season finales with cliffhangers to be frustrating. I would rather they reach a conclusion and then leave an open door with possibilities. Person of Interest did that - wrapped up the current problem, then left you with a question at the end. The Mentalist, on the other hand, I didn't even realize it was the finale until I saw there weren't any more episodes coming.

Charlie Moore said...

I don't really mind season finales, but series finales are different. Some shows cause withdrawal symptoms for me. MASH was incredibly hard to say goodbye to.

Debra Erfert said...

Oh, I agree about the M*A*S*H finale. I cried so hard, it was embarrassing. I still cry when I see it. Silly, huh?

Julie? You missed Castle? Oh! My! Heck!

Jon - You're too much! It was so nice to meet you and Jen on Friday. Thanks for not pushing me away when I hugged you. *giggles*

Jon Spell said...

Lucky you, even Julie hasn't met my wife. =)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

What? Jon got to meet you and I didn't? How did that happen? Now I'm sad. Wahhhh!

Charlie, I remember the MASH finale, too, and cried when I watched i. It's funny what things affect you, even shows.

Jon, my questions were definitely your questions. *sigh* Good and bad.