Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Frog Blog Christmas Reunion---Robison Wells

Getting the Band Back Together

So it's been 18 months since the death of the Frog Blog, and much has happened. 18 months ago, I had just started a new job. Well--shocker!--I was laid off from that job. So, if we were still blogging once a week, you would have surely heard me complain about the state of the economy, and then someone would have made anonymous political comments, and discussion would ensue with all the righteous indignation and that an anonymous internet commenter can muster, and then I would probably take the next week off the blog out of annoyance.

I also, in the last 18 months, have been diagnosed with a whole host of medical problems that have dominated my life (and that led, in great part, to the aforementioned layoff). Were the Frog Blog still in operation I would have blogged about those problems, and then an anonymous commenter would pretend to be a medical doctor and give the kind of advice that non-medical doctors give, and then discussion would ensue, and facts would be manipulated and logical fallacies would run amok.

Ah, the good old days.

But it's good to get the band back together again, for one final concert on the rooftop. If there's anything that I've learned in the last year, over the course of my illness and the release of my first national novels, it's been that it is essential to have good friends you can rely on. And it has been my pleasure and honor to rely on the many of the Frog Bloggers and the many readers who became close friends during the blog's five years of existence.

I don't go out much anymore (because of the illness) and I don't make it to as many book events as I used to, or even to my writing group, so I've come to value my online relationships even more. Many of you have become a vital part of my life, and for that I can't begin to express my gratitude. Just know that, of all the things I'm thankful for this holiday season, there are few things more important to me than the friendships and kindness that help me through each day; and much of that friendship started out on the Frog Blog.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


Janice Sperry said...

Aw man, it won't let me be anonymous. Pretend you don't see my picture and name.

Anonymous said: Aliens are running the government. They are working to deplete our economy so they can turn us into a food source.

Anonymous said: I am a medical doctor. Little is known about the healing powers of Spam. A Spam a day keeps the sickies away.

There. That should make up for the loss of anonymous comments for the past 18 months.

My mom was just telling my son about your new book and how he could borrow it on her Kindle and I was trying to tell her with my eyes to be quiet because it is already wrapped and under the tree. I love my Mom. I will just have to keep my son away from her and her Kindle for the next 2 weeks.

It's great to have the Frog Blog back, even if just for a reunion episode.

Debra Erfert said...

Spam? I'm sick of Spam! I delete Spam thrice every day, and my fingers are numb because of it! Jani--uh, Anonymous, you may have all my Spam and then some. Spam could be a leading cause of Rob's whole host of medical problems. While I am not a doctor, one of my characters in "Firesetters" is a paramedic, and that's better than a stinkin' doctor, just ask any aged senior citizen who dialed 9-1-1 who has just fallen and can't get up. It's time to ban Spam and make the world a safer place.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Janice, I should have allowed anonymous comments just for Rob. Sorry! But seriously, that was funny.

Deb, I agree with you about the spam. Sheesh!

Karlene said...

Spam! Ha! Rob, I enjoyed every one of your posts and I'm loving your national series. Merry Christmas to you and have a wonderful 2013!

Jon Spell said...

Anonymous: I'm not a doctor, but I have the authority of a doctor because I've watched almost the entire run of House M.D. and my best friend is a doctor, so I'll tell you how to fix your anxiety issue:*

MAN UP! You're a man, just get over yourself and stop thinking so much. Wear flannel and jeans and go shoot some guns! Drink beer! Eat steak! Belch loudly! You'll feel right as rain in no time. This is all sound medical advice and you can trust me at least as much as Dr. Phil.

I don't mean to be political, but it seems you get to follow that same pattern now on Twitter and Facebook, ranting as you please. It's not all the SAME fans and sycophants, but we all love you anyway. At least there's a fair amount of humor on your posts to make up for _said_ ranting.

* Yes, yes: pot, kettle, black. I get it.

Kerry Blair said...

With apologies to "the gang" all of whom I love and adore, I miss the comments more than the posts. Could some of you just send me random comments now and then? It's all I want for Christmas -- having finally received that pony I always wanted.