Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Lover's Holiday Giveaway Hop Dec. 4-10

I'm participating in the Book Lover's Holiday Giveaway Hop because I am a book lover and love to share the joy.  As part of it, I am offering one of my famous book lover's packages which includes:

  • one soft, flannel-y lap blanket to keep you warm while you read

  • gourmet hot chocolate mixes to add atmosphere, warmth, and something yummy while you read

  • a copy of any one of my seven international suspense novels, your choice.

What a great Christmas gift for you or a book lover on your list! 

Here's how you can win:

Become a follower of this blog and tell me in the comment trail.  (I could check but I'm too busy this time of year.)  :)

For extra entries you can:

Like my Facebook page

Follow me on Twitter

Tweet about the giveaway

Be sure to tell me what you did in the comment trail so I can give you all the entries you've earned and give me an email addy to contact you in case you are the winner.

(Giveaway is limited to continental U.S. addresses only.)

And if you want to see all the rest of the blogs that are participating, and enter their giveaways, here is the list:


Jenn Irving said...

i'm a follower!

Jon Spell said...

Wat? No Castle recap? You are slipping, girl! It's completely im-Clausible!

No entries for me, since I have been left dissatisfied. [grudgingly] I suppose that since this is a writer's blog, you should be given some leeway in posting content.

It was a cute episode and I wish they could just be honest with each other on important things. It was Esposito that almost had me in tears, though. (sniff)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, never fear I am writing the Castle recap as we speak! (type!)

M. R. Buttars said...

I'm a follower. I also like you on Facebook, and Twitter. ;) Thanks for the awesome prize package!


Gayle said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

I am a follower, like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter. :)


Jillyn said...

I follow GRC: Jillyn

FB: Jill O'Sullivan

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Thanks for the giveaway. It sounds so cozy and delightful!

Cathy said...

I follow your blog and am a fan on facebook

cathy dot jeppsen at gmail dot com

Megan said...

GFC: Megan Daniels
Twitter: @megandaniels

Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!!

kipha said...
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kipha said...

GFC kp_kazamei


sammanthax0 said...

followed on gfc: Samantha Blake
liked on Facebook-Samantha Blake
and following on twitter-sammanthax0

kimberly holgate said...

fallowed on gfc kimberly
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thanks for hop
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Tia Dalley said...

I am following on GFC as Tia


Di said...

What a cozy prize package!

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Happy Holidays!
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Cassandra! :D said...

GFC: Cassandra :D
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Merry Christmas! :)
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Erin Rok said...

Following with GFC as Erin Rok

wwe11 said...

I'm a gfc follower-erma2167.

Michele said...

Thanks so much for the aweseom giveaway! It sounds perfect!

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TammyAnn said...

What a wonderful and generous giveaway.. I am a GFC follower as dreamer616.
Thank you so much!
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K. April Holgate said...

Sounds like the perfect winter reading combonation to me!

I follow
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mamabunny13 said...

I follow via gfc mamabunny13
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Becca said...

I follow you via gfc as Becca

Sherry said...

Thanks for the giveaway.
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scott wilcox said...

I really want this prize soooo here is my list:
GFC follower-Scott Wilcox
Facebook follower-Marlena Fein
Twitter follower @spoildbrat31
Tweeted the giveaway!

Thank you so much for the spectacular prize and being a part of the hop.

Happy Holidays,

Megan Parsons said...

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Beckey said...

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SavingsInSeconds said...

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Katie Amanda said...

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jodi lasher said...

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e.sadlersfan said...

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Shannon Alexander said...

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Caitlin said...

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Kim Reid said...

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