Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Castle and Hawaii Five-O--So Sweet & Christmas-y!

I loved Castle last night.  His child-like excitement for the holidays is so SWEET!  And now that his family is changing, it's hard to let go of the traditions you've had forever.  I can totally relate to this as the older three of my children have left the house and moved away to college.  We've had to be a little more flexible with our traditions and in doing so, have acquired a few new ones.  But I loved that Martha and Alexis saw how important it was to him and compromised in the end.

The case of the dead Santa was so clever and had some really great twists and turns.  I have to admit Esposito was my favorite with the captain catching him modeling the Christmas teddy and muttering about her in-laws, and Castle sure that the poor Santa was thrown from his sleigh.  Man, I love his speculations on how the murders happened.  The look on the team's face is always so priceless.

Esposito's little ending with Mrs. Cabot made me go hmmmm....  It could be interesting if he gets involved with her and she has a delinquent son.  Where's he's a cop and all.  And Ryan would make a cute daddy.  (Can I get a collective awwww)

But while there was a lot of Castle goodness, I have to admit I was sort of annoyed that Beckett did that duck and cover routine to him again, instead of being up front and honest about her tradition, she let him believe she would be joining him, then ducked out and made excuses.  It seems so beneath her and their relationship at this point.  But Castle always understands and always accepts her for where she's at.  I loved the little swirls (heart?) he did in her cup.  He really is a thoughtful man.  Although the preview of his ex-wife showing up did make me smile.  That is going to be goooooood.

Hawaii Five-O started out with adorkable Max hitting on the bank teller before the bank is robbed and she's shot right in front of him.  We also had the B story of the Victoria's Secret models having a stalker and I am SO grateful they didn't make Steve stay there with that story.  Because then we wouldn't have had the incredible jumping from building to building scene.  I mean, seriously, that was an incredible foot chase, like out of the movies or something.

Here it is in case you want to watch it too

Doesn't that remind you of a Spiderman-type thing? C. Thomas Howell still has some moves and Steve McGarrett is always in hot pursuit.  *fans self*  The funniest moment was probably the McGarrett flying takedown of the naked guy.  The look on Kono's face was hilarious!  And when the guy gives Steve his gun back and practically order him to kill him, for just a split second I wondered if he would.  Great suspense.  And Max's final scenes were sweet.  Great show overall (I could have done without the Victoria's Secret thing, but oh well.  Steve's story made up for it.)

No new Castle for a few weeks, but we get at least one more new Hawaii Five-O.  I guess I'll have to watch some Christmas shows or something to fill the void of Castle.  Does anyone love Elf (with Will Ferrell) as much as I do?  Here's some clips of funny Elf moments.  Jus 'cuz.  :)


Debra Allen Erfert said...

Christmas traditions are a good thing. My sons are both married, and our traditions need to be different now. This year is "our" time to host the families, only our Paraguayan daughter-in-law's parents and sister are coming up from Paraguay for six months and will be in America during Christmas. So, we are yet changing/bending/compromising to encompass a traditional Paraguayan Christmas that officially welcomes Christmas at 11:59 pm December 24th when dinner is served. Dinner would be a pit barbecued pork if my son's homeowner's association would permit it. Since they don't, we'll have to suffer through delectable spare ribs instead. lol.

Charlie Moore said...

If you're looking for an alternate source of entertainment you could check out this year's offerings of Chirstmas stories at LDS Publisher. The yearly short story contest started today (well, the first two stories are posted, anyway). I read the first couple and they're good. Not sure if I'd vote for either one, though. Mine will be in the mix somewhere.

Oh, and Julie, I'd just say the Victoria Secret segments were handled well. Yeah, and I loved the line from McGarret to Kono, "You cuff him."

KaseyQ said...

My one complaint about Castle: wouldn’t that family walking in the snow have heard a helicopter flying overhead? We have helicopters around here all the time and even the small ones are LOUD! Just sayin’. ;-)