Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hawaii Five-O--The Fix I Needed

It was raining/snowing last night and we took our family to look at Christmas lights.  The little kids oohed and aahed, but the big kids were debating the best lines from Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Not exactly conducive to the Christmas spirit, but hey, at least they weren't arguing and/or whining.  I was happy for that.

I came home, everyone got ready for bed, and I snuggled in my blanket and turned on the TV for my show.  I needed a Hawaii fix and this was my one chance to get it before Christmas.  Thank you Hawaii Five-O writers for delivering!

It starts out with McGarrett and Catherine eating in the car before they get car-jacked.  The look on Steve's face when he's talking to the carjacker/Catherine and Catherine's exasperation with him was funny.  I really love those two together.  But I have one teeny tiny criticism---when Catherine is beating up the bad guy (which was an awesome fight by the way) she doesn't have a mark on her, which just didn't seem realistic to me. And then Steve bursts in and doesn't even ask if she's okay.  No concern at all.  I really want him to show a little protectiveness toward her.  She's been in two fairly dangerous situations and he's never even said, hey, you all right?  I know, it's picky, but that's my one unfulfilled Christmas wish from last night.  Although I have to say, him showing up at the end dressed like that, and picking her up with that determined look in his eye was pretty good.  It almost made up for his lack of concern earlier.  *le sigh*  Officer and a Gentleman moment for sure.

The story was good as well--lots of twists and turns, which I like.  Danny saying "rotah" made me laugh.  I thought the little kid was a good actor and really sold it.  The scenery was magnificent as well, and with the rain and snow outside my window, it made my longing to go to Hawaii that much more intense.  Someday, my friends.  Someday.

So, overall, this Christmas episode was a winner in my book.

How are you passing these cold winter nights these days?


Jon Spell said...

It's a pretty slow week TV-wise, so we've been catching up on H50 ourselves. Last night's was the one with the evil psychiatrist. Steve is usually smarter than he was being, kind of disappointing.

The bad news is that Haven cancelled its two last shows of the season because the penultimate one depicted violence at a high school and they wanted to be classy. Now I have to wait a month to see how it ends.

Baby, it's cold outside. One of my co-workers emailed a picture of the Bahamas where she was. I told her it was snowing and she said "Jealous!!!" SHE is jealous of ME, because we have snow. I would gladly trade places with her. =S

Paul Rooney said...

All the t.v. shows are taking a break now. Can't wait for The Walking Dead to come back.

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