Monday, December 10, 2012

The Frog Blog Christmas Reunion---Jeff Savage

I’m not sure how Julie will introduce this series of posts, so let me just say that as former writers of Six LDS Writers and a Frog, we had a great time, made good friends, and hopefully kept a reader or two entertained. We eventually ended the blog, but have retained the friendships and thought it would be fun to share with all of you who followed us by doing a Christmas reunion. We aren’t bringing back the “Frog Blog.” But it’s fun to get the band back together one last time.

For my part, the year plus since we ended the blog has been a roller coaster. I nearly gave up writing (at least for public consumption), saw my Farworld series picked up again by Shadow Mountain, signed a contract with Harper Collins for a new series, sold a horror novel (of all things) to Covenant Communications, and unexpectedly lost one of the people I am closest to in the world, my mom.

What did I learn from all of that? There are a bunch of clichés that probably fit the bill: When God closes one door He opens another. The night is always darkest before the dawn. You’ve heard them all before. But the reason they are clichés is because they are so true.

I firmly believe that no matter what you strive for in this life, you reach certain points where things seem bleak and impossible. You can’t see any way forward and the road back is too long and hard to even think about retracing your steps. In my experience those are the moments when you are so close to a new level of success that your subconscious understands it has to be there while your eyes and brain tell you it isn’t. You despair because you know you should be seeing the light over the next peak but all you can make out with your limited vision is darkness.

My gift to you this Christmas season is hope. Don’t give up. Believe in the things that got you climbing in the first place. Trust that God would not have set you on this journey to fail. Realize that although it doesn’t make it any easier, others have walked the same path before you and reached the summit you are seeking. Remember that if Savage can achieve his dreams, anyone can. And most of all remember that you were sent here to fulfill your eternal destiny whatever that might be. It really is darkest just before the dawn and the long night makes the light all that much sweeter when it finally breaks through.

Merry Christmas and thanks for being my friends.

Jeff Savage


Heather B. Moore said...

That's my mantra--if Savage can do it, then anyone can :-)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I'm thinking we should stitch it into a pillow and sell it at Storymakers conference. :)

Debra Allen Erfert said...

I'd buy that pillow!

Jeff, I don't know if you remember, but waaay back when the Frog Blog was going full blast, I wanted to toss my computer from the tallest freeway overpass--I was so discouraged. But your calming words talked me back from the edge. Now I have two books being published next year, (January and June) and this is only the beginning.

Merry Christmas!

Charlie Moore said...

Just stopping by to say "hi" Jeff. Glad all is going well for you in the literary world. Sorry to hear of your mother's passing. Lost my mom about three years ago and we were also very close.

J Scott Savage said...

I would so buy that pillow! Debra I do remember, and I am so glad you stuck with it. Congratulations.

Jon Spell said...

Has the horror novel been published yet? It is good to see you back, even if for just a cameo appearance.

Hope is good. Sometimes, it's all that gets me out of bed in the morning, the hope that today will be a better day.

And then it's snowing and my car won't start. Stupid hope.

J Scott Savage said...

Hey, Jon! It comes out January 2nd. And sorry about the car. Can't help you much with that one. :)

Karlene said...

I'd buy that pillow too!

Jeff, got my calendar marked. 2013 is looking to be a great year for you. I know I'll be buying all your new books. Merry Christmas!

J Scott Savage said...

Thanks, Karlene. After two years of no books, it feels great.