Saturday, June 30, 2012

The End of JumpStartWriMo--Come Win a Prize!

Well, I think I've had the worst day in the history of the universe and it kept me away from the computer so I didn't make my goal.  But I got very very close and I'm thrilled with that.  It definitely was the jump start I needed.  My next book is outlined and my current book is *thisclose* to being edited and done.  Whew!  I worked hard and was so motivated by knowing I was accountable to you all.

Thank you SO much to everyone who participated all month long.  You guys are amazing and I'm so lucky to have bloggy friends like you.

Now for the prizes.  Tell me in the comments how you did on the goals you set for June and your name will be entered in the prize giveaway of a first chapter critique by Jordan McCollum and a copy of either Twitterpated by Melanie Jacobson or Murder by the Way by Betsy Brannon Green.

I think my favorite part of the whole month was the sprinting.  We definitely need to keep doing that.  So, how did you do?  What part of the month was your favorite?  Tell me everything . . .


Janice Sperry said...

I made it about half way to my goal. I spent a lot of time tweaking my query so I might have written - and deleted - my word count goal after all. I'm about half way through my edit too. I like to think of myself as a glass half-full type of gal. All in all I didn't do too bad.

My favorite part was the sprinting. It's too bad I missed the first one and had a headache for the third one. I always do better with company. :)

Melanie Goldmund said...

I achieved about fifty per cent of my goal. I finished writing one story and it's now ready to be submitted to Mindflights. But although I thought I had an idea for another story, and even wrote approximately half of it, it didn't work out.

I enjoyed the one sprint in which I participated. I can only do that when I'm not teaching early morning seminary, though. :-)

I did like reporting in and being accountable to others. It helped motivate me. I also enjoyed getting feedback and encouragement from others. I think that was my favourite part.

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

I just did 2/3 of my goal with seven minutes to go. I wrote 21 chapters and 28,456 words. My goal was 30 chapters or one a day. I think I did pretty good considering I have a baby with a broken arm. I like the accountability best, someone to report to. I had a great time this month I hope we do it again.

Sonia said...

I don't need to be entered into the prize giveaway, but I am very excited that I met my goal. I finished my 10000 words today. I know that may seem low to a lot of you for one month, but it was a good goal for me. Thank you for hosting this. It was good.

Marcy said...

For my June Jumpstart goal I decided to continue my May goal of writing for an hour every day Monday through Saturday, and try to push my and shoot for an additional 25,000 words. I fell quite short of my goal, only writing for 16 days instead of 26, and only writing 12,374 words. That ended up being less that the 17,917 words that I wrote in May, but, that's still progress on the WIP, and I did have some pretty good days. Thanks for hosting the jumpstart. It was a good motivation for me, even though I didn't check in every day. And now, I'm back to the WIP, shooting again for that 25,000 words for July!

Jon Spell said...

You open with a line like that and then don't tell us anything?

You're not one of those people who posts provocative things on FB but without supporting details, hoping everyone will then beg you for it, are you?


"Today, my troubles are so bad that I have literally prayed for death."

"I got the most unbelievable news tonight."

"I got my medical results back."

(Jon waggles an accusing finger) Don't do it!

I am seeing a pattern in my writing that is very similar to my blog reading in that I seem to only be able to focus on it during the week. On the weekends, I'm either taking care of children or worrying about taking care of children, such that I can't focus on my WIP. However, I was able to write a couple of humor articles for Aardwolf. (I wonder if I can claim publishing credit for articles produced for a newspaper that only exists in a fictional online game?) Is the top still spinning?

Rachelle said...

This was fun! I didn't meet my goals but I'm happy with what I accomplished. I wrote 16K words on my new novel, finished a pretty big revision on another novel in which I added over 3K words and worked on some articles.
Thanks for doing this Julie! I have Twitterpated--it is so good, I think you'll love it! :)

Debra Erfert said...

I know I'm a late with my update, but I don't qualify for the entry anyway. I only reached halfway to my 50K word goal. Sigh... I did have high hopes for more, but at least I am at 48K words total, so basically I'm halfway to the end of my book. I'm very happy about that. And I have noticed I edit as I go. It is compulsory. Yay!!!