Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review: Caribbean Crossroads

Sorry this post is late today.  I've been staring at the back copy for my new book and I don't know if I like it yet.  And I don't know if I can share it because I don't know if I like it.  But I sort of do.  So I'm in a quandary.  To share or not to share---that is the question.

Anyway, when I'm in a quandary I always read (or watch Scarecrow and Mrs. King) and since I watched four episodes of Scarecrow, I settled down to read Caribbean Crossroads by Connie Sokol.  (Why do I always want to spell Caribbean with two "r"s?  Weird.)  The cover reminded me a lot of the Newport Ladies Book Club covers, which I liked.  It looks summery and fun and romantic and it pretty much announces that this book is a fun afternoon beach read.  So, hey, head to the beach or backyard and get reading!

We meet Megan who has been hurt by love.  She thinks she's found The One but he's just been playing her which makes her feel like she can't trust her own judgment.  Her roommate gets her to go on a cruise where she's a dancer and she meets Bryant.  She's pulled toward him and they have some fun experiences together, but they've both been burned and the relationship has a lot of starts and pauses.

I liked the writer's flow, she has an easy style, and the setting was done really well.  I could totally envision all the areas of the ship and felt like I was really there.  I had a bit of a hard time with Megan because she talked older than she was (I'm assuming she's in her 20s but some of the phrases and words she used weren't something 20 year olds would say) and then acted younger than she was with the way she handled her relationship issues.  It made it hard for me to really identify with her and the choices she made at times.  Megan does have a big heart, though, and that was endearing, and I thought there was definitely character growth throughout the book.  The character I really liked (besides the hero) was her roommate Jillian.  I wouldn't mind a story about her.  She was fun and had such a great voice!  I also liked that overall even the "villains" in this story had a lot of gray areas to them, so that made it more realistic.  And I just liked Bryant (the hero).  He was a really great hero.  I could totally imagine him and thought he had so many wonderful qualities as well as flaws that made him three-dimensional.  The author gets a 'Well Done' on that count.  :)

So, if you are looking for a fun romantic beach read, this is the book for you.

Here is the back copy:

New college grad Megan McCormick just got dumped. Hard.

Swearing off men and relationships, Megan is coaxed into performing on a cruise ship where she meets the star performer, Bryant Johnson. Handsome and charismatic, he looks like trouble, but she can't deny the intense attraction between them.

Urged to find a wife and run the family lumber business, Bryant is torn between his family's expectations for his life and his own. However, when he meets spunky, but love-skittish Megan McCormick, settling down doesn't look so bad.

Just when Megan begins to trust again, and Bryant makes some big decisions regarding his future, her former fiance returns with a malicious surprise, taking Megan and Bryant to their own CARIBBEAN CROSSROADS.


Jon Spell said...

The real question is whether you pronounce it CARE-a-bein or ca-RIB-ian. I've always preferred the former, but consider the source. I also prefer pee-can and Ne-vaw-da and or-nge.

I think you should share the back copy with us and let us tell you how we feel about it. Unless it's somehow protected under publisher-author confidentiality.

(I bet Miss Confidentiality would make a terrible movie title, but Sandra Bullock would totally rock it.)

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, I say Ca-RIB-ian and pee-can and Ne-vah-da. I hope that doesn't make us weird.

I probably will share it on the blog. One of these days. :)

Are you going to sprint with us tomorrow?

Rachelle said...

Ha, ha. I have the same spelling problem with Caribbean! Great book. Looking forward to hearing more about yours too. :)