Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Jump is Slumping. I Need Some Music!

I was doing so well.  I really was.  But then yesterday ended up being extremely busy and I didn't get the writing done that I wanted to.  So I distracted myself with a book.  And then I did some editing. Anything but edit my own manuscript.

And now I feel discouraged.

Usually I can jumpstart myself with some music.  Upbeat music with drums and bass.  I thought I'd share some of my more motivating songs that get my muse jumping.  No judging, please!  :)

Back in Black by AC/DC
Photograph by Def Leppard
How We Operate by Gomez
Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townshend
She's Got Me Dancing by Tommy Sparks
On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

Tokyo by Imagine Dragons
Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face by Coldplay
I Wanna Be a Cowboy by Boys Don't Cry
Good Life by One Republic (Edited Version)  :)
Drop it Low by Will.I.Am from the Rio Soundtrack

What music motivates you?


Jon Spell said...

I like your choices! (A few of them I don't know, but will have to see if I can sample on youtube. Will have to start with your Pete Townshend song, because I haven't heard it in a while.)

Back in Black is solid, but I find that Thunderstruck and Let There Be Rock give me more energy.

I prefer not to have music on in the background while I'm writing, but old favorites are good while I'm thinking about the next scene.

I got a whopping 76 words done last night. Too much going on at the homestead for me to focus. The previous day, I was able to add a bit more substance to my dinner scene. My next scene is action conflict, so I'll have to see how I do with it compared to your sample yesterday.

My name is Ted. And one day, I'll be dead, yo, yo, yo.

Anonymous said...

I listen to whatever music makes me create a music video in my head for my story. After a song or two, I'm more than ready to start.

Janice Sperry said...

I got 1066 words written on my manuscript. Then I rewarded myself by starting another one. I don't know what's wrong with me. I also don't know how I've managed to finish 3 manuscripts. (Yes, there are 3. I don't talk about the first one very often.) The new one has 1412 words. The new one is a rather silly middle grade. My last completed MS is a scary YA. The one before that was a silly YA and the one before that was a scary MG. I'm seeing a pattern.

Janice Sperry said...

Oh, and music. I'm already too distracted. I can't listen to music and write at the same time.

Lori Folkman said...

I'm all about music! I cant' write without it! I even did a post on this last week.

What I listen to depends on what I am writing. Right now I'm working on a historical romance, so that calls for softer music. I must say, I'm missing my rock-n-roll a bit. :) I love Imagine Dragons too!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Jon, I'm with you about too much going on in the homestead for writing. I will have to look up Thunderstruck and Let There Be Rock

Amy, do you know how awesome you are! Thanks for tweeting with me. And a music vid while writing? I love it!

Janice, no music at all? Really? Hmmmm...

Lori, that's how I am, too. It depends on what I'm writing. When I'm in the buildup the suspense phase I listen to the Speed soundtrack. LOL When I need motivation I use the list in my post. So happy to find another Imagine Dragons fan!

Melanie Goldmund said...

I like listening to music, but I usually concentrate on the lyrics, so that I can sing along (mentally, not out loud.) And if it's instrumental music, I usually sort of hum along mentally, or at least anticipate which notes are coming next.

If I try to think of anything else while I'm listening to music, I either get completely distracted and forget what I'm trying to think about, or my thoughts take over and I literally can't hear the music anymore. Then, when I come out of the "zone," I get mad that I've missed my favourite part of the song, or perhaps even the whole thing. And for exactly that reason, I don't listen to music while I'm trying to write.

It also doesn't particularly motivate me to write, or at least, I haven't noticed any increased desire to hit the keyboard if I've been listening to the Neon Trees or the Killers or whatever.

Why, yes, I do have a weird brain. How could you tell?

Debra Erfert said...

No music for me. I usually use music to clean my house, or at least do the dishes--sometimes . . . when I have to.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Melanie, that's okay. We still love you!

Debra, invest in paper plates. Then you never have to do dishes. :)

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

I love some music when I write sometimes its my old stuff like Depeche Mode. Sometimes it is Shinedown and Finger 11.

I love anything by onerepublic, but sometimes I just want to dance instead of write so I have to be careful. LOL I love the "good book" version. It's my personal favorite. :)

Thunderstruck is my favorite of AC DC's. Love that song.

A warning, Shinedown and some finger 11 is harsh, but when writing fight scenes of fighting scenes it's perfect.

C. Michelle Jefferies said...

DOH when writing assassin scenes or fight scenes. . .

Emily Gray Clawson said...

"His name is T-t-t-trigger. Of course." One of my all time favorites! My kids and I love to dance around singing I Wanna Be A Cowboy.

For writing I usually have a playlist that is inspired by each of my books. To get in the mood for writing I like to listen to that playlist. Once I really get into it, the music goes off. But it serves as a catalyst.