Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Just wanted to wish all my friends and  fellow Canadians a Happy Canada Day!  I'm celebrating with you and wish I could be there with my family today.   Miss you guys!


Tracy Krauss said...

same to you!

Jon Spell said...

I had a curious thought on Canada Day. Why don't you see any Canadian restaurants in the USA? (I think we might have had Tim Hortons at one time.)

I had a sister-in-law come back from a trip to Calgary and she mentioned some interesting flavors in places she went, some sort of lime and chili-pepper butter? Naturally, she brought us some maple syrup. =)

Seems really surprising to me that there isn't anything like that. Should we just go ahead and annex the lot of your provinces and call it good? Might as well take Mexico, too, and solve that whole immigration problem.