Thursday, July 5, 2012

Danger on Our Fourth of July

My city fireworks are always interesting.  Each year, usually a tree or grass have been started on fire.  One year, the cannon fell over and shot fireworks into the crowd.  Needless to say, going to this particular celebration always keeps me on my toes.

When we got there last night, they had the crowd set quite far back from the firing area and we put down our blankets, interested to see how this year would go.  For safety purposes, we sat a little closer to the exit than we have in years past.

The show started and within moments we were being pelted with debris and tiny flaming particles.  Covering ourselves and the children as best we could, we had almost a front row seat as fireworks (the white swirly ones) rained down on the field in front of us, looking like a celestial mass of bodies hurtling toward earth and exploding in little balls of fire.  It was beautiful, but also a little frightening, since you know, the field was catching fire.  Thankfully, nothing stayed on fire for long, although the flames from a small fire near the cannon got fairly large. Firemen were on the spot, however, and put it out.  (Which we were glad about since half of the mountains in Utah are currently on fire and we didn't want any more getting out of hand.)

My family gathered up all the debris pieces that hit us and I was just thinking I should take a picture and show you guys.  It's a fairly impressive pile.  I guess the best thing is, we have a memory every 4th of July, when we court danger and go to watch our city fireworks show.  I know, some of you think we're crazy for going, but hey, what can I say?  I'm a woman who walks on the edge.

How did your celebrations go?


KaseyQ said...

We decided to change it up this year and instead of watching the fireworks from the county fairgrounds, where they launch them, we camped out by the kids' elementary school, which is kind of in front of the fairgrounds. There were plenty of other spectators there, and it was good, but unfortunately they don't have restrooms available like they do at the fairgrounds. My poor sweet 2-year-old managed to hold it for nearly an hour! I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant so I wasn't in great shape either. We'll have to rethink that plan for next year, I think...

Jon Spell said...

We sat inside and cursed the neighbors shooting off industrial-grade fireworks nearby and scaring the cats and waking the babies.

Also, get off our lawn, whippersnappers!

Debra Erfert said...

Hahahaha, Jon! If the shooting-off-of-industrial-grade-fireworks didn't happen next door and across the street and across the alley, and, well, just practically all over the blessed city from me last night, I'd say you were overreacting. But . . . nah. Although I did try to put a positive spin on it and imagine the loud booms and such was thunder. We don't usually get thunder down here in the deserts of Yuma--rarely, anyway, and I miss it.

You do walk on the edge, Julie, if you let fire rain down on you. I'd be freaking out and running for that exit you sat near. I just don't understand why fireworks still go on when the fire hazard is sooo great.

I saw that the fireworks in San Diego Bay all went off at the same time. What should've taken 15 minutes on three? barges took 15 seconds instead. I bet that was loud, and very disappointing.

Primarymary said...

I stayed inside and watched the Fireworks from Boston. The Pops abd the 1812 Overature is a long standing tradition. The neighbors behind us shot off fireworks until late.

~T~ said...

We enjoy the fireworks that the next town over shoots off on the 3rd. This year, the show was nearly cancelled. All their fireworks, plus those for two other local occasions, went up in smoke due to a misshot rifle. The supplier scraped together another set, and the show went on nicely. I bet the destruction was exciting, too.