Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Review--Lethal Engagement

Teyla Branton has been doing novellas for her Unbounded series and Lethal Engagement is Mari's story. It was a fairly long novella actually, and full of action with a little romance on the side.

When we first met Mari, she was in a bad relationship with a man who wanted to kill her. Now, as an Unbounded, she is enjoying her newfound confidence and abilities--and a heady attraction for her partner. She's unsure of exactly where she stands with him, however, until they're both sent on an important mission for the Renegades.

They're tasked to help protect the man who is now the new face of the Unbounded, but the people out to kill him are relentless. Mari is forced to use every skill she has and push herself to the very limits of her abilities in order to keep them both alive.

The action was so fast-paced, I was turning pages as quickly as I could to keep up and see what happened! I really enjoyed this story and the entire Unbounded series so far.

You can buy your copy here for $3.49

Here's the back copy:

Guard, Protect, and Above All, Stay Alive

Two months after the announcement that rocked the entire world, Mari Jorgenson is going undercover to protect the man who has become the face of the Unbounded. What’s not to like? Expensive clothes, a great disguise, a chance to play with knives—and all with a Renegade partner she might just be falling for.

Mari can’t think of a better assignment for practicing her shifting ability. But when everything goes horribly wrong on the first day, it will take everything she has—and more—if she and her friends are to keep humanity’s best hope for peace alive long enough to unite the world. Along the way, Mari glimpses within herself a darkness that threatens to turn her into the very evil she is fighting.

Join Mari, Keene, Jace, Cort, and other Renegades from the main Unbounded series as Mari shifts through an adventure that will ultimately set the stage for the greatest and final battle with the Emporium.

Please note that Lethal Engagement is a novella, but it is 50% longer than the other two Unbounded novellas, the same size as many short novels. While it is separate from the main Unbounded series, the events take place in the Unbounded timeline after The Reckoning (Unbounded Book 4). As some of the events in book 4 are referenced, readers will better appreciate Lethal Engagement after reading The Reckoning.


Debra Erfert said...

I haven't read any of these yet, so thanks for bringing them to my attention!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I didn't think they were really going to be my type of book, but the characters are so well-written I really enjoyed the story. I think you will, too. :)