Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Writer Goal Wednesday And A Cover Reveal!

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I had some really awesome things happen this week that threw off my goals!  But that's okay. Writers have to be flexible, right?

The first thing is, I got my new cover for On The Edge.

*drum roll*


Don't you love it? The details of the little bio-hazard symbol in the eye of the camera really appeal to me.  And that guy means business!  Here's the back copy for that book:

Dylan Campbell, a CSIS officer, has been undercover hundreds of times before and is ready to get out of the game.  But before he can tell his bosses at the Canadian spy agency, he discovers a terrorist plot that could take him―and millions of others―out permanently.  Getting the information up the chain of command proves complicated, though, when Dylan's cover is blown and he's captured and thrown in an African prison. Will he be the first test subject for the new and deadly virus about to be unleashed on the world?

American CIA officer Elizabeth Spencer is undercover for one reason―to find the virus being weaponized at a private hospital in Africa.  When she meets Dylan, a Canadian photojournalist, she uses him to strengthen her story that she's only there to help.  But the more she works with Dylan, the more the lines between professional and personal get blurred. She knows better than to get involved with someone while on assignment and the reason for that rule hits home when the terrorists’ move up their timetable and Dylan is put in grave danger.  Can she stand by and watch him die?

 With everything on the line, Dylan and Elizabeth have one chance to stop the terrorist attack before it reaches North America―but they have to make it to Greece. Can they break Dylan out of prison and stay alive long enough to prevent the release of the virus? Or will one or the other be called upon to offer the ultimate sacrifice?

The second thing was that I had two reviews come in for my novella Falling Slowly!  

Aimee at Getting Your Read On said, "In Falling Slowly we get a follow-up on Rafe and Claire's romance. I loved it." You can read her entire review here.

Julia Lance at Book Reviewing Rocks said, "This story is such a great one and so sweet."  You can read her entire review here

So, as you can imagine, getting new covers and new reviews has kept me busy.  The print version of On The Edge should be available today and I worked really hard on that!

But what were my goals from last week?  Let's refresh our memories.

Continue working on my press kit.
Do another pass of On The Edge
Finish up details for Falling Slowly and All Fall Down audiobook blog tour.

Well, I finished my press kit and it looks beautiful if I do say so myself.  You can see it here

Obviously I finished On The Edge and am so happy with how everything turned out!

I am still finishing up some minor details on the blog tour, but will have some announcements for you soon.

Whew!  No wonder I'm tired! I did a lot this week.  

My only goal for next week is to launch the audio book for All Fall Down and my novella Falling Slowly.  

How did you do on your goals this week?


Debra Erfert said...

You do such a wonderful job at fulfilling your goals. You are an inspiration to me. Love your new cover, and the blurb, too!

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

Thanks, Debra! I hope you're feeling better my friend!