Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ebook Deal of the Day--The Inventor's Secret!

Sometimes it's hard to find a great book for my boys.  It seems like there are a ton of great ones out there for girls, but it's slim pickings for boys, really.  However, the Cragbridge Hall series by Chad Morris has been a gem that my boys have loved (and a lot of girls I know as well!) and the first book in the series, The Inventors Secret, is on sale for $1.99! (It's priced regularly at $7.99 so this is a steal!) The third and final book in the series just came out, too, so we are super excited to dig into that one. For your convenience, I've spotlighted all three for you today!

Here's the back copy for The Inventor's Secret

Imagine a school in the year 2074 where students don't read history, but watch it happen around them; where running in gym class isn't around a track, but up a virtual mountain; and where learning about animals means becoming one through an avatar. Welcome to Cragbridge Hall, the most advanced and prestigious school in the world.

Twins Abby and Derick Cragbridge are excited as new students to use their famed grandfather's inventions that make Cragbridge Hall so incredible. But when their grandfather and parents go missing, the twins must follow a mysterious trail of clues left by their grandfather. They must find out where their family is, learn who they can trust, and discover what secrets are hidden within Cragbridge Hall.

Abby and Derick soon realize they are caught in a race with a fierce adversary to discover their grandfather's greatest secret—a dangerous discovery that could alter both history and reality.

Click here to download your $1.99 sale copy of The Inventor's Secret!

Here's the back copy for Book 2, The Avatar Battle

The adventure continues when Abby and Derick begin their second semester at Cragbridge Hall, the most prestigious secondary school in the world. But when Grandpa Cragbridge admits them to the Council of Keys—a secret group of people who have keys to travel back in time—strange things begin to happen. One by one, members are found unconscious and unable to wake, their keys stolen. Now Abby and Derick must scramble to figure out who is behind the attacks before they become the next victims, which would give their enemy the power to change the past forever.

A page-turning, time-travel adventure that teaches powerful lessons about choice and consequence, believing you can do hard things, and valuing history.

Click hereto download your copy for $7.59

Here's the back copy for Book 3, The Impossible Race

In the final book of the Cragbridge Hall trilogy, Abby, Derick, and their friends must utilize their skills in time travel and technology to survive roving bands of dinosaurs, race through space, build robots, and fight virtual dragons.

It’s known as the Race—an annual tournament where teams of students compete in the hopes of winning an unbelievable prize. But before this year’s competition, Derick and Abby receive a terrifying message from the future: Charles Muns’s plan to control history is going to succeed. It will cost countless people their lives and change the destiny of the world. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Despite the danger, the twins gather their friends and enter the Race, ready to compete against the best of the best in order to claim what might turn out to be a key of ultimate power.

Can they compete the Race in time and stop Muns? Or has the future already been written?

A page-turning, time-travel adventure that teaches powerful lessons about choice and consequence, believing you can do hard things, and valuing our history.

Click hereto get your copy for $9.99


Debra Erfert said...

I'm glad you were able to find something fun for your boys. These great writers weren't doing their thing when my sons were kids. Too bad. Maybe then they would be readers, which, sadly, they don't do anymore than what their jobs require.

Julie Coulter Bellon said...

I have one son that doesn't enjoy reading and that's hard for me. I try to find even small things that will appeal to him--magazine articles etc., but you're right, I think even just ten years ago it was hard to find anything for boys beyond The Hardy Boys. :( I'm really glad there are a few good writers out there now that appeal to that audience. :)